Giovanni Federigo Alighieri

""How does my hair look?""
User: Matt
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter/Cleric
Giovanni is tall and lanky, with a long, pock-marked face, a black pony-tail which he ties with a crimson ribbon, and a goatee and mustache which he waxes and grooms meticulously. He tries to dress in the latest fashion, especially likes fancy, plumy hats, brightly-colored tights, and expensive shoes and boots. He fancies himself an educated, cultured fellow, though he usually comes across as awkward and foppish to others.
Giovanni is a younger son of a formerly wealthy Milan family. His great grandfather, Federico II, was financially and politically cunning, and elevated the family into the upper echelons of Milanese society, but his grandfather and father were both inept, and after a long series of financial misadventures and political embarrassments, the family is deeply in debt, and clings desperately to its upper-class status.

Giovanni trained in the art of sword craft as a boy, and dreamed of being a dashing officer in the military, but he was instead given to the church in order to discharge a debt, and found himself at an isolated monastery in the mountains. This life did not suit him at all, for it involved neither fashion nor haberdashery, and he was miserable.

The monastery did house a massive library, and Giovanni was one of the acolytes assigned to keeping it clean and ordered. This is where he discovered a dusty tome on arcane magic, long-since forgotten. He began to peruse it, mostly out of boredom.

He soon found himself fascinated. Unlike the divine magic sanctioned by the church, which involved mostly healing and cleansing and blessing, arcane magic offered powers that appealed keenly to Giovanni, particularly the magic that involved charm and illusion. To be able to make oneself even more attractive and likable!

When the abbot learned of this new interest, however, he was not pleased, and Giovanni was reassigned to the kitchen. This did not dissuade him, however. He sneaked into the library and smuggled books and scrolls to his cell, and managed to buy an additional book from a traveling merchant.

He even attempted some spells, but had no success, and many failures. Then, one night, he miscast a cantrip and set the dormitory afire. This was the end of his life as a monk, and as a cleric in good standing with the Church of Deum Lumini.

He returned to Milan, but his family had little to offer him, and he heard that there was greater opportunity in Florence. On the way, he became acquainted with a young rogue named Pia, who he helped extricate from a touch situation, and who in turn pick-pocketed a scroll he coveted from a fat merchant in their wagon train.

Giovanni hopes for an opportunity to not only gain enough gold to dress himself in the highest fashion, but also to return home to his family more wealthy and successful than his great-grandfather ever dreamed possible.