The Journal of Sister Orsolla Nelli

Campaign: Shadows of Florence

You lead, I will follow
I've survived out here in the world a long time. I was tough as a kid, just as likely to pick a fight as any of the boys, and more likely to win. Once I left the family home, I learned that as a woman if you're going to make it you need to find a man who can handle himself. Not a husband or even a lover - a man who can lead, make decisions, guide the rest of the party to success.

Giovanni is that man. Whether he's wearing a jaunty hat or a simple religious frock, he exudes knowledge, confidence, leadership. I knew it the minute I first saw him. It was a few months ago, I was on my way to the market, when I came upon 2 men debating the merits of fresh vs brined olives. Such a ridiculous topic but you should have seen Giovanni in his full glory. Gesticulating, thrusting his chest out, punctuating his points with a toss of his head. His opponent, withering under the heat of Giovanni's sound logic, never had a chance.

Since that day I have trusted this man implicitly. I know whatever adventure our party encounters, this stable genius will lead the way.
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