User: Bailey
Campaign: Scales of War
Race: Shifter
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/2
Sharp and feral featured, Ash wears his raven and dark green-streaked hair in the traditional braids of his tribe.

His face is dominated by his hawkish nose and a pair of severe eyebrows, that flank it like a pair of widespread wings. His gentle blue eyes are made gentler from their shear contrast to the rest of his face.

Ash has a lithe and powerful frame. He wears ironwood plate mail crafted by the elves of the Witchwood and wields a Mordencrad.
Born in a Stagrunner hunting camp, Ash has spent most of his life under the green branxhes of the Witchwood.

Ash is a member of the Witchwood Wardens, a loose organization of Malorites that patrol the Witchwood. The Wardens ensure that the woods are free of undead and abominations, and that dangerous beast do not roam close to any Stagrunner settlements.
Three things:

Find a mount worthy of a Paladin of Melora.

Have a parade thrown in the party's honour.

Forge a Mordencrad in the heart of the Fey Wild with a crafting technique divinely inspired by Melora.