"No risk? Where's the fun in that?!"
User: Zynth
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/1
Nolan stands short next to humans, at times mistaken for a human adolescent. Dressed in a leather garb, trousers, sandals, and blue cloak, brandishing shuriken and daggers used in his street performances. Short wavy black hair dangles above his blue eyes.
Nolan was born and raised in the rural regions of Cosdol. He spent the beginning years of his life helping on the Kapran family farm, exploring the surrounding countryside in his spare time. Preferring freedom to his duties on the farm, his parents sent him to live in Cosolen with his stern uncle Zandi. Zandi sells the produce and meats from the family farm.

The recent influx of refugees has lead to quicker sales, at times unseen. Nolan caught the attention of a local elven acrobat and entertainer, Hurell, after chasing down a full grown man attempting to steal produce. Hurell offered Nolan a part-time position in the street performance, located in the farmer's market area to attract customers. Gaining prowess in his entertainment stunts, Nolan continued his tutelage under Hurell. Learning of opportunities to gain wealth, but at a far greater risk. Nolan learned sleight of hand in a busy crowd, how to distract with the sounds of his rural home, and employing the impersonations of his mimic routine. The city became his new frontier.

So far, Nolan had managed to avoid arrest. He felt untouchable for a while, until a very close call. He had been approached after performing one sunny Saturday. Jorren, a human, was praising Nolan for his talents. He invited him for a drink and a proposition. Nolan could not refuse. Jorren told Nolan of an opportunity to come into ownership of significant riches, alongside proving himself to the Laughing Jack's.

Before the Hurricane had hit Cosolen, a wealthy trader had sold a collection of uncut gems. The profits were still in his personal residence, according to a bribed source. Jorren went on to explain that the only access to the living quarters was through a small window in an adjacent bedroom. Otherwise, gaining access was impossible for a normal sized man, or so was claimed. Nolan accepted a deal with Jorren to retrieve the pouch of Blesen, for a portion of the profits and prestige in the Laughing Jack's Guild. It was also rumored, Jorren said, that there was a very old drawing of the city of Cosolen in the trader's possession. If Nolan could find this, it would be his to sell.

The deal made with Jorren specified a date and time to enter the residence. The trader and his wife were to be absent, at a social event, leaving only the maid to tend to the child. Arriving early, to scout the location, Nolan spotted armed men entering the residence. He recognized one of the men as Jorren. He chose to enter the residence early, wondering why his contact had arrived. The small window, through which Nolan could fit lead him into a child's room. Immediately he heard signs of struggle down the hall. Peeking out to see a man stabbed to the ground, he decided it was time to run far away. As he was about to exit, he saw the child in shock, hiding under the bed. Taking pity on the child, nearly his own size, he tied the boy to the rope and lowered him down outside. Before climbing out himself, he noticed a framed drawing above the child's bed. Hoping to salvage something, he smashed the frame and quickly stowed the parchment drawing. He took the human child to a local orphanage, where he met a dragonborn caretaker. Nolan has returned to the orphanage to lay low, from time to time, in fear that he will be found.

He has appeared little in the market, for any reason, after the botched job. Hurell heard that authorities are looking for a small man that may have murdered a wealthy merchant family and their maid. The recent hurricane provided a reprieve from the frantic lifestyle of a fearful 'fugitive'. Nolan has not seen Jorren again, but knows that he is being sought after. Word on the street is that the Laughing Jack's Guild is after Nolan for their share of the job.
In tune with the God, Risk. Has a background as a Cat Burglar, mostly done at night. Entertains and draws a crowd as a minstrel during the day.

Kapran Family-

Uncle, Zandi