"Expect me when you see me"
User: Zynth
Race: S'Danzo
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ranger/14
5'7" 145lb.
Straight raven black hair, with tints of dark brown, commonly kept in a short pony tail or when at ease the hair dangles above his shoulders. A worn brown cloak shades his face, but once revealed, his tanned carefree expression can be seen dotted by two deep brown eyes.

Gaelen's nonchalant attitude is, at times, balanced only by necessity. His seasoned gear lets on to his lifestyle and his worn hide armor nearly passes for camouflage in the wilderness. He is known for his random appearances, along with tales of foolish adventures and escapades. He is familiar to many, trading whatever he finds on his journeys to sustain every next excursion. With no real home per se, this familiarity among townsfolk and their friendship is the closest he has to the comfort of a home. By keeping himself busy with romps in the wild he has gained, a way of life and, a way to escape his past.
From youth, Gaelen found himself in a nomadic lifestyle. His family composed of his parents and two siblings (a brother and sister), were forced to flee their hometown. Gaelen, returning from enjoying a beautiful day in his youth, found himself on the tail end of a trail of refugees, many of who were S'Danzo. Although he eventually caught up to his family, they were forced to continue to journey through unfamiliar lands running and searching.

During the families' search for a new home, Gaelen found himself searching for answers. He didn't fully comprehend the situation he was in, which lead to his abandonment of it all together. Gaelen returned to a familiar lifestyle. The woodlands became his home, slowly but surely. This change, also, slowly disconnected him from his kin. Gaelen's parents did show some concern, but allowed him to enjoy himself, having grown accustomed to his absence.

In time, the short outings grew longer. Gaelen found himself relying on himself more than his family, with what little it could provide in it's situation. Gaelen was still inexperienced. His combination of quick action and luck had been able to carry him through the semi-dangerous encounters thus far, but a poor decision and turn in his luck lead to an unfortunate set of circumstances. In the search for precious stones, Gaelen had journeyed into the home of a giant centipede. He fled, but having ventured deep into the depths of the cave, the monster was swiftly gaining on him in it's native terrain. Gaelen panicked, having never encountered such a gruesome sight. When he believed himself dead, the agonizing shriek of the beast sounding his last moments, Gaelen's nightmare was cut short. He had been saved by a local guide. Another S'Danzo who was searching out the precious gems, a man by the name of Orelos.

The close encounter of Gaelen's morality weighed heavily on his mind. After properly thanking his savior with a well cooked meal, he imposed upon Orelos for guidance. Gaelen had been put in a position that he never wanted to return to. He would not accept a downfall of survival, he needed to reassure himself that he could be relied upon to persevere. Orelos took the, still, young man under his wing. In time, Gaelen adpoted and adapted much of what Orelos had mastered of the wilderness. Orelos also introduced Gaelen to a new lifestyle. Gaelen was gaining new friends and contacts in an area he had never considered close to a home. Home unlike what he had imagined. There was no household, no permanent abode, but instead just a familiar habitat.
Adamina - Mother
Brishen - Father
Pov - Younger brother (by 4 years)
Shimza - Younger sister (by 2 years)

Familiar faces
Zenobia - A young lady near the age of Gaelen who has been regaled with stories of adventures and risk. She works in a local inn, where Gaelen stays now and again when coming into one of the local villages to trade and barter.
Gillie - The local inn owner, who trades with Gaelen for plants and herbs acquired in the wilderness. Along with basic inn provisions, Gillie is known for his variety of drinks, including teas. He is kept busy with the inn itself and looks to others like Gaelen, at times, for the supply of some home brews.
Sonbahar - A tanner that resides in the more commonly visited village. Gaelen trades in abundance with Sonbahar, trading various inedible parts of Gaelen's prey.