Ryner Kilv

User: Babel
Campaign: Simpler Times
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/1
Before the fall of Tiamont, Ryner was the the Prime (right-hand-man) for Grythneer, an aggressive and powerful warlord conquering in the young kingdoms. His whole life Ryner always felt uneasy about his role in life and the deeds of himself and his brethren; however, he always had done his duty to-the-letter, no matter how cruel or grim the task. When Tiamont fell, suddenly that quiet whisper became a roar of guilt, and on the spot Ryner lay down his blade and left his people.

Joining him was his future mate, Iola, a beautifully colored violet dragonborn, whom had been sequestered away for as long as Ryner had known of her. At times Ryner had been in charge of escorting her between fortresses, or guarding her during sieges, but he had never asked why.

Between the kindness of Iola and the calling of the Swift Sword, Ryner worked through his guilt while on his Quest of Seeking, which led him to Cosdol. Trusting in his redeemer, Ryner has spent the last year building up an orphanage and trying to help the people around him.