Stondylus Black

"My sword will cut this tainted bloodline. Arcane fire will purge it’s evil from this land."
User: Foxx
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class: Swordmage|Wizard
Personality Traits:
Self-assured and determined to win; even if victory means retreating to fight another day. Stondylus follows Tempus' Art of War, leading to a strong tactical mindset. Stondylus has no mercy for criminals, and he never draws his blade against an innocent.

Stondylus is stern but polite in social interactions, and favours inputting strategic ideas to his party when questing. Stondylus is brave and bold in the face of danger, with calm nerves and fearsome battle cries. His favourite phrases are:
Simbul's breath: A cuss, Eg: "Simbul's breath, that's a long way down."
Alae: "Fortunate meeting." A contraction of an old Elven phrase, used as a general greeting and reassurance of peaceful intent.
Lammath drios: "Fortune find you." A parting used all around the Sea of Fallen Stars.
Stondylus was born into a world that cursed at his coming. As the great great grandson of a legendary Netherese tyrant and Shadovar wizard, it was a heritage he could never live down. Along the northern coast of Aglarond was a small village called Spinthorn, and among the local population the legend of Stondylus the Black was more than just folk lore. The Shadovar wizard whom was also known as The Black Tyrant had ravaged Aglarond up until a few hundred years ago when he was slain by a group of ragtag adventurers.
In life, The Black Tyrant had sired many children, often forcing himself on women he desired. Most of the babes were stillborn or aborted during pregnancy, having been rejected by the mother as a would-be reminder of their traumatic encounter with an evil psychopath. Of the heirs whom survived, most were abused and mistreated and became criminals and murderers later in life. Some sired children of their own, but evil magic and the taint of the Shadowfell was a scourge to the Black Tyrant’s bloodline, and the circle of hate repeated with each generation.
Centuries later, the last great great grandson of The Black Tyrant was brought screaming into Faerûn. A child so reviled by his mother that he was given the accursed name of his forefather; Stondylus Black. Word spread quickly of the birth within the hamlet of Spinthorn, and the populace was in uproar. Fear and revulsion followed Stondylus throughout his young life, and his infamy made him depressed and angry for many years. One day in his travels east of Spinthorn he discovered a small cottage, and there he met an old wizard by the name of Tythanis the Sage. The wizard spoke kindly, and was patient and generous with Stondylus. The Sage saw Stondylus as a damaged young man with a good heart and the potential to do great things. Days and weeks passed, and Stondylus visited the cottage many times. Tythanis became his mentor, shaping his natural affinity for the arcane and teaching Stondylus the virtues of justice, compassion and honor.
The years rolled on and Stondylus grew into a fine young man. He desired to carve his own path in the world, and so ventured North West across the Sea of Stars and into Cormanthor's sprawling forests. There he encountered a group of Shadovar slavers from Featherdale leading a chain-gang of elves. Stondylus saw his first opportunity to do some good, and slew the slavers with a blast of fire. The elves turned out to be kidnapped dignitaries from Myth Drannor, and Stondylus was hailed as a hero. In return for his service, the half-elf Guard Captain Lady Liandar offered him training. His Captain taught him the ways of swordmagic and Ukido- the honorable way a true swordsman behaves in and out of battle. In his studies he also learned more of his Netherese heritage. His family tree read like a dictionary of criminality.
With grim determination, Stondylus embarked on a bloody quest to seek out and slay every single one of his wretched relatives.
Stondylus lives to rid the world of evil. He travels with an unlikely companion in the form of Narrows the Tiefling assassin, but their history runs deep.

These days it is not known how many members of the Black family still live, as it has been some time since Stondylus began his quest of parricide. As a result the swordsman has become more of a wanderer, an executioner roaming Faerûn and slaying evil where ever his blade finds it.