"*Gruff* "What you want? You want MY help? I got better things to do!""
User: Hell Jager
Race: Razor Claw Shifter
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/2
Personality Traits
Frank and to the point, Tidal is a boiler room of emotions. His temper often rules the decisions he makes. Tidal is very independent, and he expects those around him to behave the same. Once a beast in the wild, he now strives to find his humanity, in a search for respect and honor to make up for his bloody past.

Reserved and avoidant in social situations, keeping aware of himself and his surroundings. When Tidal engages in battle he will crouch down when moving and try to gain the best vantage point. A growl under his breath is his most common response.
Tidal hasn’t always been a disciplined monk with the goal of gaining great honor. Tidal once lived in the wild with his own small pack, a beautiful mate and son. Tragically while living on the desert plains of Calimshan he suffered a great loss; his family was slain by clutch of giant scorpions. The battle was over in a flash, and as Tidal slaughtered the last of the scorpions, he turned to see his wife and son on the ground with frothing mouths and purple faces. Tidal screamed their names and dashed towards them, but suddenly his legs gave way and he fell to the ground. His body shook uncontrollably, it was then that he noticed the poisoned stinger wound on his back. Tidal's vision blurred and went black as he too succumbed to the venom.
That night, a moisture farmer came across this horrid scene on his way home from the local market. He felt their pulses and found Tidal still alive, his rugged fortitude was fighting off the effect off the poison. The farmer carefully applied some first aid and lifted Tidal onto his wagon, then returned to his farmstead where the shifter could be nursed back to health.
A week passed until Tidal's fever subsided and he was well enough to regain consciousness. He awoke with a roar, bewildered and confused. The farmer and his wife tried to calm him down and tell him what happened, but Tidal's raged out of control. He lashed out at the farmer, throwing him across the room and into a cabinet. The farmer's head gushed blood and his neck twisted unnaturally. Tidal turned to the farmer's wife and ripped into her like a tiger.
As Tidal's rage subsided he began to realize that he had just killed two innocent people, guilty only of saving his life. Just then, he saw a little girl cowering in the corner in abject terror. She stared at the fiend whom had slain her parents right in front of her eyes. Tidal fell to his knees and howled, “What have I done!” He gave a roar of anguish and quickly left the farm house.
After months of traveling in a stat of delusion and anger Tidal fell unconscious out of pure starvation. He had dropped to the ground outside of a hidden monastery in Lost Peaks near the City of Loudwater. He soon was found and brought into the monastery. When he awoke, again Tidal found himself waking in a strange environment. His thoughts flashed back to his family, and he roared in anguish. Creating a ruckus and drawing attention from the monks of the temple, Tidal crashed around the monastery in an attempt to get free. A monk known as The Enlightened One, the High Monk Vernigram, came into the room carrying a bowl of food, “Ah, I see you’ve awoken, hmm, and how do you feel?”
“Gruff, who are you? where am I?”
“Well you’ve been taken in by us monks, you see, you were in a dire need...”
“Gruff, I don’t need help.” Tidal tries to push past the monk.
The monk grabbed Tidal’s arm and threw him back with great ease, the shifter flew 15 feet before landing on a soft futon.
“Now why not stay for a while, hmm? Have something to eat.” He bowed over Tidal and hovered the bowl in his face. The perplexed razorclaw noticed the smell wafting up from the bowl and instinctively snatched it, devouring the contents within.
“Vernigram is me.” Said the monk as he watched his guest scoff the food down. “Now, you should have some more rest after that, hmm.”
As Tidal finished his meal, The Enlightened One departed, leaving the door ajar. Tidal sniffed, and stared at it. Wiping the sticky rice from his hands, he quickly made for the exit...
[H] Poor Magic Staff +2(yet to be name), A gift from Vernigram when he joined the monastery
[H] Encounter Power: "Waretigers Sprint" - a self taught ability that uses his tiger nature to maneuver during battle.
[H] Daily Power: "Rage of the Waretiger" - also a self taught ability that releases his inner beast to cause more harm in battle.

Heroic Quest:
Gather knowledge of my unique item staff, where in finding out about the two gems i need to gather to restore it to its original design. and also their whereabouts. with luck one is to be obtained in this tier, and have someone with the right arcane powers to place it on the staff.

Paragon Quest:
Locate and obtain the 2nd Gem to finalise the restoration of my unique item staff. Gather information on my past and of the little girl in my back story, where in finding out that she has been corrupted by some evil force.

Epic Quest:
To rescue the girl and restore my honor