The Journal of Thrand

Campaign: Sub-Men Rising

I always thought they'd be bigger somehow.

I've been quite a bit busy since last I recorded our mistakes and exploits. We've delivered on several jobs, dealt with at least one mad man, and I nearly got eaten by an exomorph.

However, that experience while harrowing, did give me enough personal experience to utilize itself to my benefit later on.

We ended up traveling from a Thrall filled fort to the wilderness. We faced down an omnivrax, and generally lived rough as has been our common life as of late. It isn't as if I am not used to it, but I need time and a lab, to experiment and develop alchemical assistance to our journeys. I think with whatever value we gain this time, I'll at least get a hut for me and Spirithawk. He is a reliable companion, and doesn't ask much but to face the experience itself.

Recently as we crossed towards the ziggurat which was our goal we were chased by wild beastmen who sought to slay us. We managed, barely to outrace them.

Yet having the iron gate slammed in their mishapen faces wasn't enough! They tried to climb over the wall. I did some wizardry to slow that down and it wasn't enough. They assaulted us and split us thanks to our poor planning. Staying together would have been better I think, but I won't second guess our sole warriors choices beyond a "maybe." He did slow them down. The rest of us managed only a poor showing against their numbers, though their slow minds took my illusion well enough to slow them down. A giant exomorph eating me was a fine trick. I still long for some more combative abilities. Where are the Erythrian battle mages lost books? I know of one Zorion, but there must be others!

I doubt the demon scribed ziggurat will hold what I seek but gold, I hope that will assist me.

We struggled a lot to open the doors through battle to make our escape into the tomb-like halls.

Unfortunately poor Sharl was not strong enough alone and though she tried her best, the poor Equus simply could not do it.

They told me to leave without her. What kind of fool leaves his mount to beast-men, in the middle of nowhere. I'd not strike that tragedy upon her after trying so hard to obtain her service in the first place. Beast of burden she may be, but ally too. I know, I'm odd, but one does not throw away resources if one can help it, especially when one CAN change the outcome.

Yeah, I know, my mother would die laughing at my foolishness.

I know they don't understand, but true power comes from complexity of relationships, and choosing not to abuse them, but build them.

Magic is but one relationship, so to my strange friends, and allies!

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Drunken Thralls and Musical Mastery
My attempt to gain information from folks at the Iron Kra was so far of only limited success. The Thralls with a little drink in them were friendly enough. They didn't provide any notable clues towards the finding of weapons in the wrong hands. Neither did the Bodor Musician troupe. Though they were very talented.

I keep hoping we'll stumble upon something without resorting to immediate combat. Although I suspect with my talents it will be necessary.

Spirithawk is a quiet companion. He soaks in a lot of information, and says little. I'm familiar with this behavior from other friends.
He may go off the deep end at some point. I hope not. He seems stable enough, then again Ariane may all be of that introspective breed. I've heard it, but not seen it at length.

In addition to the links to the weapons, I've yet to find any ruins or clues on the battle magic I've been seeking. I hope something will turn up. I know my path may lead to battle, so its by necessity that I seek it.

If I could hit the broad side of a barn with a bow or manage to utilize a sword without cutting myself, things might be different.

Shame magic is so limited, I suspect that is due to the Archaen's fall.

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Really, this is getting ridiculous. Next I'll be thinking that Fortunata is real, or Ash's Creator deity. I discovered today I'd dehumanized the Sindarans.

Such a thing is bad for me, as if I keep it up it leads to the raving loon alone in his tower trying to conquer the world sort of villainy I'm trying to avoid. I will be the most powerful wizard ever. Or at least as close as I can get to the Archaens. I just have to keep things, and people in perspective. The home we investigated of the deceased Sindaran reminded me that people come in all shapes and sizes. Like the woodwhisp before. I gave it value as a person, but I didn't this Sindaran woman. Funny that. Finding her store of vanity and beauty items clicked it in my head that she was a person.

Got to keep watch for that in the future. I mean making a viper or equus have the value of a person? No, but other beings may just be, and even if they don't look like men.

In other news, I've not seen Ash in a while maybe we should have a talk when we get back. I at least enjoy his stories, even if I don't believe in his god.

My sisters would laugh at me over this, no, not Ree, she'd look at me with those big eyes and think 'Of course silly brother, didn't you KNOW that already?" She's softer than the rest of us--maybe for good reason. I know she's younger, and perhaps that what our race and people need, open mindedness and cooperation. Not fantasies of long lost power.

Ah well. I also found a formula for alkahest. Though it is flawed, I might be able to do something with it.

I need money. I hate to be greedy about it, but alchemy and wizardry can be expensive. Spirithawk gave me his share from the house we investigated. He is a strange creature. Quiet most of the time. Maybe I need to get him drunk. With his money at least I can work on some elixirs, maybe get some healing potions together. We need them, and not just me. The whole group of investigators I've been teamed with, we all seem to get battered pretty regularly.

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Poor Brave Little 'whisp. He did as we asked and still died in fire.

I know he was conjured, and may not have even existed but for that brief few moments of the spell. Yet still he did as he asked, quickly and well, with no complaints.

I know most people consider them pests, but I do not. Perhaps it is a strange thing for me, a Tanasian, to see the world as I do. It must be Ash's work, or his Creator.

I don't care much about who is to blame, other than taking it upon myself. Foolish perhaps. Fortunately I'm not given to pathos.

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