"Do not look directly at happy fun ball."
User: Bob
Campaign: Serpent's Skull
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Witch Hunter/12
A little less than six feet tall and of slight build, Velicus wears a simple khaki explorer's outfit, along with a mithral breastplate with cold iron spikes attached to it and often has a fairly reserved expression. Like many adventurers, he is decked out with several magic items and weapons, although he relies mostly on the polearms and bows carried in the magic quiver on his back. His most distinguishing feature is that he is blue. His skin is pale blue; his eyes are blue; his hair is blue...and he is covered intermittently with darker blue, almost calcified-looking patches, the glaring evidence of his inhuman ancestry.
As the Duchess pulled out of port, Velicus found something to lean against and looked back thoughtfully at the Arch of Aroden. An impressive feat of architecture, even in its current state. Something of a local symbol of Cheliax, he supposed. For controlling it, that is. He supposed a more politically-minded person might find the moment to be an inspiration to draw philosophical comparisons between Cheliax and Andoran. He considers it for a moment himself, but he doesn't really feel qualified. Upon reflection, he decided he probably didn't know enough about Cheliax to draw meaningful comparisons...nor enough about his homeland, really, come to think about it. Perhaps he should study that kind of thing sometime. Probably not very soon, though.

He turned around and looked out the other way, That was where his future was, at least for the time being. Sargava. Sounded to him like it ought to be the name of a fruit or a beverage of some kind, but from what he'd been told, it also sounded like a great place to start making his fortune and earning a good reputation for what he could do. He frowned slightly. He definitely needed to do a better job than he has so far of making a reputation for himself this time around. Getting duped into joining a gang of bandits was a pretty humiliating start.
Velicus Tespar
Male Tiefling
Witch Hunter 12
NG Medium Outsider (Native, Native)
Init: +3, Senses: Darkvision (60 ft.), Perception: +26
Languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Azlanti, Common, Goblin, Infernal, Polyglot
AC 32, Touch 23, Flat-footed 29, CMD 39
HP 120 (12HD)
Fort: +7, Ref: +7, Will: +15

Speed: 20 ft. (4 Squares)
Melee Gauntlet (spiked/cold Iron) +18/+13/+8 (1d4+2)
Melee .longspear +1 (flanking, Frost) [power Attack (two-handed)] (2H) +15/+10/+5 ((2H) 1d8+16/x3)
Melee .longspear +1 (flanking, Frost) [magic Weapon (greater)] (2H) +21/+16/+11 ((2H) 1d8+6/x3)
Melee .longspear +1 (flanking, Frost) (2H) +19/+14/+9 ((2H) 1d8+4/x3)
Ranged .shortbow +1 (composite/strength Rating+2) +15/+10/+5 (1d6+3/x3)
Melee Bec De Corbin +1 (2H) +19/+14/+9 ((2H) 1d10+4/x3)
Ranged Javelin +14/+9/+4 (1d6+2)
Melee Masterwork Bill (2H) +19/+14/+9 ((2H) 1d8+3/x3)
Ranged Masterwork Longbow (composite/strength Rating+1) +15/+10/+5 (1d8+1/x3)
Melee Mithral Longspear [power Attack (two-handed)] (2H) +15/+10/+5 ((2H) 1d8+15/x3)
Melee Mithral Longspear (2H) +19/+14/+9 ((2H) 1d8+3/x3)
Melee .rod Of Well-deserved Rest +19/+14/+9 (1d6+3)
Melee Dagger [power Attack (light)] +14/+9/+4 (1d4+10/19-20)
Ranged Dagger (thrown) [power Attack (light)] +10/+5/+0 (1d4+10/19-20)
Melee Dagger +18/+13/+8 (1d4+2/19-20)
Ranged Dagger (thrown) +14/+9/+4 (1d4+2/19-20)
Melee Hammer (light) +18/+13/+8 (1d4+2)
Ranged Hammer (light/thrown) +14/+9/+4 (1d4+2)
Melee Hammer (light/alchemical Silver) [power Attack (light)] +14/+9/+4 (1d4+10)
Ranged Hammer (light/alchemical Silver/thrown) [power Attack (light)] +10/+5/+0 (1d4+10)
Melee Hammer (light/alchemical Silver) +18/+13/+8 (1d4+2)
Ranged Hammer (light/alchemical Silver/thrown) +14/+9/+4 (1d4+2)
Melee Kukri +1 [power Attack (light)] +19/+14/+9 (1d4+11/18-20)
Melee Kukri +1 +19/+14/+9 (1d4+3/18-20)
Melee Masterwork Spiked Armor (cold Iron) +19/+14/+9 (1d6+2)
Melee Sap +18/+13/+8 (1d6+2)
Face: 5 ft. Reach: 5 ft.
Base Atk: +12, CMB: +16
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 22, Cha 10
Feats: Armor Proficiency, Light, Armor Proficiency, Medium, Bodyguard, Combat Patrol, Combat Reflexes, Disruptive, Dodge, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Mobility, Power Attack, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Spellbreaker
Skills: Acrobatics (Jump) -4, Appraise +2, Bluff +6, Climb +3, Craft (Untrained) +2, Diplomacy +4, Disable Device +15, Escape Artist -1, Fly -1, Handle Animal +4, Heal +10, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Knowledge (History) +3, Knowledge (Local) +6, Knowledge (Planes) +6, Knowledge (Religion) +17, Linguistics(Polyglot, Azlanti, Aklo) +5, Perception +26, Perception (Notice unusual stonework/Underground) +6, Profession (Sailor) +10, Ride -1, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +17, Stealth +11, Survival +10, Survival (Find Food) +13, Survival (Follow or identify tracks/Underground) +6,
Possessions: Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Eyes of the Eagle, Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2, Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier(1/d (im.) turn incoming critical or sneak attack into normal hit, Luck bonus to armor class of +1), Gauntlet (Spiked/Cold Iron)(30 hp/inch, hardness 10), Gloves of Reconnaissance(On command, the wearer can use the gloves to see and hear though solid material no more than 15 feet thick by placing both hands on that material. The gloves can be used for 10 rounds each day. The rounds need not be consecutive.), Ring of Feather Falling(Acts as Feather Fall spell, activated immediately if the wearer falls more than 5 feet), Ring of Protection +2, Belt of Physical Might (STR/CON) +2, Cloak of Resistance +1, Outfit (Explorer's), Quick Runner's Shirt(Once per day as a swift action, the wearer can take an additional move action to move on his turn.), Spiked Breastplate +1 (Mithral/Armor Spikes)(Armor of comfort sheds dirt and sweat as they accumulate, and remains as comfortable as weather-appropriate clothing regardless of environmental conditions. A suit of armor with this enhancement always looks immaculately clean, can be slept in as though it were light armor, and does not cause a penalty to the wearer’s saving throws to resist the effects of extreme heat. In cold weather, it counts as cold-weather clothing. In addition, the armor’s armor check penalty is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0)., (Breastplate +1 (Mithral/Armor Spikes)), 30 hp/inch, hardness 15, Spiked), Feather Step Slippers(On command, allows the wearer to Levitate as the spell., The wearer ignores the adverse movement effects of difficult terrain, and can even take 5-foot steps in difficult terrain.), Sash, Adventurers, Torch, Wayfinder Compass, .Longspear +1 (Flanking, Frost)(Acts as +3 vs flanked creatures, (Longspear +1 (Frost)), (Longspear +1 (Frost)), Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144), +1d6 cold damage), .Longspear +1 (Flanking, Frost)(Acts as +3 vs flanked creatures, (Longspear +1 (Frost)), (Longspear +1 (Frost)), Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144), +1d6 cold damage), Efficient Quiver, .Longspear +1 (Flanking, Frost)(Acts as +3 vs flanked creatures, (Longspear +1 (Frost)), (Longspear +1 (Frost)), Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144), +1d6 cold damage), .Shortbow +1 (Composite/Strength Rating+2)((Shortbow +1 (Composite/Strength Rating+2)), Strength bonus to damage), Arrows (20), Arrows (20/Alchemical Silver)(10 hp/inch, hardness 8), Arrows (20/Cold Iron)(30 hp/inch, hardness 10)(Ghost Salted / -11), Arrows (Blunt/20), Bec de Corbin +1(Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144)), Javelin, Masterwork Bill(Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144), Bonus to disarm an enemy (pg. 144)), Masterwork Longbow (Composite/Strength Rating+1)(Strength bonus to damage), Mithral Longspear(Counts as silver, Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144)), Mithral Longspear(Counts as silver, Extra damage when set against a charging character (pg. 144)), Handy Haversack, Acid (Flask), Alchemist's Fire (Flask), Backpack, Masterwork, Canvas (Sq. Yd.), Crowbar(+2 circumstance bonus to Strength checks to force open a door or chest), String (50 ft.), Ioun Stone, Dusty Rose Prism Resonant(+1 Insight bonus to AC and +2 Insight bonus to CMB and CMD from resonance), Pouch (Belt), Chalk (1 Piece), Fishhook, Flint and Steel, Masterwork Thieves' Tools, Pearl of Power (1st Level), Signal Whistle, Thieves' Tools, .Rod of Well-Deserved Rest(This rod is made of polished gold, and features three blown-glass onion domes at one end. It functions as a *+1 light mace*. Up to three times per day, with a successful hit in combat, the wearer may attempt to put the target of the attack asleep (DC 14 Will save negates). This functions as * sleep*, but there is no limit to the number of Hit Dice that may be affected. In addition, the wielder may create an opaque sphere of force to protect himself from the elements once per day, as a *tiny hut* spell with a 5-foot radius. If the wielder goes to sleep with the rod in his possession, 8 hours of sleep provides healing equivalent to a full day of bed rest. Upon waking, the wielder enjoys the benefits of a *good hope* spell for 1 hour. While within the Residential Sector, the rod can transport its wielder and 6 companions into a demiplane that borders the Ethereal Plane and the Shadow Plane. From this demiplane, the wielder can exit to any non-warded spot in the Residential Sector. Additionally, the Rod can transport its wielder and his companions into any of the other sectors of Saventh-Yhi (The Military, the Palace, the Temple, the Artisan, the Mercantile, and the Framing District), but the final location is chosen seemingly at random within each sector, rather than by the wielder of the rod., (Mace +1 (Light))), Dagger, Dagger, Hammer (Light), Hammer (Light/Alchemical Silver)(10 hp/inch, hardness 8), Hammer (Light/Alchemical Silver)(10 hp/inch, hardness 8), Kukri +1, Kukri +1, Masterwork Spiked Armor (Cold Iron)(30 hp/inch, hardness 10), Sap(Deals nonlethal damage (pg. 145)),

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