The Journal of Velicus

Campaign: Serpent's Skull

I. Shipwrecked (Sarenith 30, 4710)
My name is Velicus Tespar. I was a passenger on the Duchess, out of Magnimar, bound for Eleder. I boarded in Corentyn. I shall be keeping this journal as a record of what happens to us now, as the Duchess has wrecked on the coast of a disreputable island called Smuggler's Shiv (at least, we are fairly nearly certain it is Smuggler's Shiv) in Desperation Bay under very odd circumstance.

The other passengers and I were drugged at dinner on the last night the ship sailed, and we and our possessions were left otherwise unharmed on a beach. Two of the others had mounts that were not left with us, and one passenger was a prisoner and was left in his manacles. When we awoke, the ship was being battered against the rocks across the cove from us. Upon reaching the ship and boarding her to search for survivors and to recover the mounts, we found the first mate and the cook dead, but none of the rest of the crew; the captain's log seems to indicate that he was going mad toward the end of the voyage. It seems he set course for this island at the behest of Ieana, a Varisian scholar who had been sharing his cabin and the only passenger who was not among those of us who awoke on the beach. From the changes in his journal entries and evidence of magical influences in his cabin, I find that I suspect Ieana had somehow held him in magical thrall. How and why our band was left on the beach as we were remains a mystery.

We will have to deal with these mysteries as we can, however. For now, our first priority must of course be survival; second, exploring this island in search of a means of leaving least, that is my second priority...and third, finding out precisely what has happened to us, to the ship, and to the crew, and why.

We do, at least, seem to be getting on fairly well thus far. We have had to deal with giant scorpions and strange flying lizards, and so far we have come through all right. I was felled on guard duty our first night here by a it seems there may be some substance to the rumors of the isle being haunted or inhabited by undead...but so far we have been able to restore to health everyone who has been badly hurt, myself included. However, what makes me worry somewhat is the fact that some of this healing has come from potions, of which we have a welcome but small supply. I can only hope that we can quickly become better at fending for ourselves. I believe it will soon become critical to our survival. We will also have to continue to work together and trust each other...a prospect that unsettles me more in some cases than in others. After what seems to have happened between the captain and Ieana, and what happened to me before I traveled to Corentyn, perhaps I am overly inclined to distrust...but for the time being, I cannot afford the luxury of being more than cautions. At least one companion, the halfling Mazzy, is a paladin of Iomedae. I believe I can trust her. And I imagine, given my appearance, that some of the others have no easier a time trusting me than I do them.

I will record here what I learn about what has happened to us, in case that record may later prove useful. As if becomes relevant, I may find it necessary to record some introduction of my companions. For now, however, I believe I shall stop here.
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