Sophia of Blades

"I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other."
User: Nicole
Campaign: Bayvek
Race: Angel of Blades
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class: Cleric 3/Intercessor 7/Fighter 1/LW 10/Celestial 5/Sensate 4 (level 30)
Emissary of the Lady of Pain

Also known as the Voice of Vision; the Emissary; the Blood Queen; Sophia the Apostate
Born Sophia Maratsade, a human female in the Trailise River Valley, country Battledrake Hold, continent of Eresthion. Joined the church of Dralmon at age 15 to escape an arranged marriage.

Completed cleric training at age 18. Joined the cult of Livinia within the church of Dralmon as an Intercessor, one who takes on the pain and suffering of others and is strengthened through their own pain. At this time, gave up her family name and became known as Sophia of Dralmon.

At age 23, rescued the lillend Ashalaron, one of Dralmon's twelve Carriers of the Song, who agreed to be her divine sponsor and granted her the first level of celestial taint.

A year later, was sent to Bedel on the continent of Siliban to act as archprelate in the new Church of Dralmon.

During this time, Sophia was instrumental in fighting the double invasion of Bayvek by the aberrant forces of the dead god Mizenfane, called Mizdimarren, and the undead forces of Cheq'ual. The war carried on for nearly ten years, during which time Sophia completed her transition to a half-celestial native outsider.

Martyred by Haj'kitu, the divine of Cheq'ual. Raised as a deathless Risen Martyr and sent back to Bayvek to finish her work in the war. Named as the Hand of Dralmon and head of the Intercessors.

United most leaders of Bayvek and their nations into a great coalition and defeated the forces of Mizenfane and Cheq'ual, ending the Great War of Bayvek. However, at this time it was discovered that the force behind the war was actually Outer Evil, from beyond the edges of the Multiverse, which had somehow gained entry.

With the war complete, the Risen Martyr was destroyed and Sophia was reborn as an Armiter of War, a full outsider now native to Dralmon's plane of Aldinor.

Married the archon of the Drifting Realm, Ter'Marin. Served as Queen of the Drifting Realm until called back by Dralmon to serve as his Hand in the planes.

Adventured in the planes. Earned approval for and constructed the Great Machine of the Wheatfields. First encounter with the Lady of Pain in Vision. Joined the Sensates faction in Vision. Began marshaling forces against Evil.

Founded a School for Healing and Surgery.

Entered a period of semi-retirement in order to bear Corellan, son of Dralmon and future Lord of the Starry Night.

Once Corellan was fostered back on Bayvek, re-entered the war against Evil. Gathered many allies and resources, including the Lady of Pain.

Brought the war to its conclusion and was victorious in trapping Evil, but was betrayed by the Lady of Pain and forced to join with her and bear the child of Pain and Evil.

For her role in the Lady's plan, was stripped of her powers and set an atonement by Dralmon. While on her atonement quest, her daughter Tiana was taken by Haj'kitu. After begging Dralmon for her powers back in order to rescue Tiana and being denied, Sophia renounced Dralmon, cut off her wings, and entered the service of the Lady of Pain.

Remade by the Lady as an Angel of Blades. With the Lady's power, was able to destroy Haj'kitu and his entire plane, thus freeing the millions of beings enslaved there. Tiana was killed, but was at least freed from the tortures of Haj'kitu's imprisonment of her.

Currently resides in Vision, in the Lady's Keep. She is the Lady's Emissary and representative of Her Serenity in all things. Responsible for overseeing the various Factions and generally keeping the peace. However, she is often off-plane, carrying out the Lady's wishes and her own work.

Children of Sophia
Justin Lokurrus (fathered by Belerophon, an Undead Hunter of Dralmon)
Celestial tainted human. Currently a Count in Halorn, Eresthion.

Jocelyn Delsuphta (conceived via miracle with Gailwyn, an Houri of Dralmon, borne by Sophia)
Half-celestial. Born to be an Apostle of Peace of the five Good gods of the Shattered Pantheon (Dralmon, Anaxemar, Lem-wa, Falsarra, Kal Leptum). Currently adventuring in Siliban. Disowned Sophia after her split with Dralmon.

Mallory (adopted, Mizdimarren)
Divine Mind of Dralmon. Currently on Aldinor. Disowned Sophia after her split with Dralmon.

Tristan and Tienan (adopted, Mizdimarren)
Twin brothers of Mallory. Currently reside in Vision with Sophia.

So'haj (fathered by Haj'kitu)
Conceived during Sophia's martyrdom. Half-celestial undead (unique). Killed by Sophia during the final battle of the Great War of Bayvek.

Tiana (adopted, parentage unknown)
Archmage and transmuter. White Sister of Falsarra. Formerly allied with devils; adopted and redeemed by Sophia. Instrumental during the two Great Wars and in building the Wheatfields Machine. Killed by Haj'kitu. Currently on the plane of Falsarra as a petitioner.

Davonine (adopted, fathered by Lazkeleel)
Half-fiendish human son of Sophia's ally and lover, the demon Lazkeleel. Currently adventuring in Siliban with Jocelyn.

Arthur Marin (fathered by the archon Ter'Marin)
Giant-blooded half-celestial. Prince and heir apparent of the Drifting Realm. Currently in the Drifting Realm with his father.

Hypatia Seone (conceived by miracle with Valeska Seone of the church of Manaan. Borne by Valeska.)
Half-celestial daughter. Currently in the city of Kelussia, Eresthion, with her mother.

Corellan of Dralmon
Fathered by Dralmon in physical form. Future Lord of the Starry Night. Appears human, but once his time in the material world is complete, will assume his demigodhood. Currently being fostered on Bayvek, whereabouts unknown to Sophia. She is forbidden from contacting him.

Persephone (parentage Sophia as an avatar of the Lady of Pain, and Cefdinir of the Realm of Night as an avatar of Evil. Borne by Sophia/Lady of Pain hybrid)
Currently an infant in Vision in the care of her mothers. Her real name is Misery. As the child of Outer Evil, the embodiment of Pain, a celestial Armiter, and a draconic night-elf, her type is unique.
Alignment: NN
635 HP
AC 67

Notable Equipment
Circlet of the Unflinching Healer
Gauntlets of Acid Protection 20
Bracers of Natural Armor +5
Boots of Constitution +6
Belt of Strength +6
Lady's Collar (+8 Wis)
Ring of Charisma +8
Ring of Dimensional Swap
Cloak - Sophia's Crusade (DR 5 against evil; heal 1/day if someone touches the hem and prays; Heal check as a free action 3/day if cloak is draped over someone; full cover for 1 person being defended)
Blade Spiders - Widow and Recluse (Hide 28, MS 24, Spot 22) Widow has Poison as per the spell, save 1/2 HD + Con + 10)

Weapons and Armor

Main weapon: +6 Vicious Keen Bladed Mace (41/36/31 to hit, damage 1d8+26, crit 19-20/x3, 2d10 vicious damage to enemies/1d12 to self)
Secondary weapon: +8 Vicious leg dagger of the Lady (41/36/31 to hit, damage 1d4+16, crit 18-20, up to 2d20 vicious damage [choose holy, fire, or cold]/1d20 to self, +10 surgery)
Natural weapon: Blade Wings (38/33/28 to hit, damage 2d8+15, can be reach weapons)
Shield: Blade Wings, 7 AC, not usable if flying
Armor: +7 Silenced Epic Resistance full plate (15 AC, +6 saves, mithril, able to call into and out of body for 2d20 to self)

Special Abilities

Submissive Demeanor (+2 deflection bonus to AC when acting in a submissive manner)
Smite 3/day (+4 to hit, +10 damage)
Darkvision 60 ft.
Low-light vision 60 ft.
Mettle (successful Fort/Will saves takes no damage)
Epic Heal check (Quicken Recover, Perfect Heal)
Self-Sacrifice (as a full-round action, causes herself harm equal to her weapon's max damage; spells cast in the following round are affected as per Widen, Empower, or Enlarge)
Bloodletting 3/day
Blood Frenzy 3/day (damage increased by 1d6 per 2 class levels, +1 to Hit)
Painful Existence (+2 Hit, +2 Will, +4 Conc, +1 damage at 50% HP or less)
Lore (as bardic knowledge, 1d20 + class level + Int)
Knight Abilities (can take half or full damage in place of adjacent ally)
Analyze Dweomer AW
Tongues AW
Refreshment AW
Endure Elements AW
No Light AW
Unerring Assay (can see alignments even through nondetection)
Enthrall (CL = character level, DC 12 + Cha)
Joie de Vivre
Diplomacy - instill fanaticism
Knowledge (religion) - unknown religious information
Energy Transfer (electricity)
Nirvana (make Concentration check to cancel rage effects)
Damage reduction 10 (+5, evil)
Energy resistance - Fire 22, all others 2
Fire immunity (can be revoked at the Lady's will)
Cold immunity
Electricity immunity
Disease Immunity
Flight (good, 60 ft)
Regeneration 2 (can be revoked at the Lady's will)
Call Blades (2/day - 120 ft. blade, 20d6 damage, no to-hit, Reflex save 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha, chance of impalement for creatures Huge and larger, lasts 1 round/level, medium range)
Command Blade 3/day (on called blade or any other blade)
Lesser Lady's Shadow 3/day (1d4/level damage, can be moved at will, lasts 1 round/level, those killed cannot be resurrected normally)
Control Shadows AW
Levitate (10 ft)
Feather Fury (ranged attack, line, add Str modifier, 3d8 + Str, 60 ft)
Wing Defense (when full defensive, gain all bonuses of being concealed [50% miss chance, +4 AC])
+8 against Disarm attempts
Able to spontaneously heal or inflict as per the cleric ability
Sense Link - within 30 ft., as clairaudience/clairvoyance centered on the creature's position; once established, distance (on same plane) does not matter
Take Pain - can take pain/damage for others that can be seen within 30 ft. Cannot reduce damage; cannot regenerate for 3 rounds.


Weapon Focus +2
Painful Existence
Spontaneous Casting
Intuitive Defense
Intuitive Attack
Quicken Spell
Divine Resurgence
Epic Skill Focus (Heal)
Improved Spell Capacity
Pain Mastery
Improved Metamagic
Energy Transfer (electricity)
True Believer
Submissive Demeanor
Weapon Specialization +2
Spontaneous Inflict
Third Domain

Typical Spell List
1 - Shield of Faith, Doom, Entropic Shield, Sorrow, Bless Water, Hide from Undead, Divine Favor
2 - Divine Insight, Stone Shape, Shatter, Lesser Restoration, Silence, Enthrall, Masochism
3 - Water Breathing, Daylight, Deeper Darkness x2, Create Food and Water, Searing Light, Wrack
4 - Stifle Spell, Dismissal, Freedom of Movement, Divine Power, Death Ward x2, Wall of Blades
5 - Plane Shift, Quicken Shatter, Wall of Stone, Righteous Might, Slay Living x2, Fire in the Blood
6 - Blade Barrier, Banishment, Harm x2, Heal, Undead to Death
7 - Quicken Divine Power, Quicken Dimensional Anchor, Wretched Blight, Destruction x2, Quicken Death Ward
8 - Fire Storm, Quicken Wall of Stone, Quicken Flame Strike, Earthquake, Control Weather
9 - Mass Heal, Gate, Miracle, Implosion
10 - Quicken Destruction x2
11 - Quicken Dimensional Lock

Blades - once per day, increase crit range by 2 for 1 minute as a free action.
1 - Bestow Wound
2 - Wracking Dagger
3 - Keen Edge
4 - Wall of Blades
5 - Blade Barrier
6 - Blade Prison
7 - Whirlwind of Blades
8 - Greater Blade Barrier
9 - Million Cuts

Pain - convert damage dealt by self in 1 blow per day into healing 1 hp/level
1 - Angry Ache
2 - Masochism
3 - Wrack
4 - Liquid Pain
5 - Thousand Needles
6 - Pox
7 - Wave of Pain
8 - Symbol of Pain
9 - Eternity of Torture

Suffering - no Concentration check needed for damage less than or equal to Cha modifier + CL
1 - Divine Sacrifice
2 - True Life
3 - Healing Touch
4 - Blood of the Martyr
5 - Glory of the Martyr
6 - Death Ward
7 - Righteous Wrath of the Faithful
8 - Iron Body
9 - Moment of Prescience