"For the Kingdom!"
User: Jordan
Campaign: Gourmet Adventures
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warpriest/2
6' 2" 200 lbs
Dark brown hair cut short.
Scruffy bearded face.
Blue/grayed eyes.
Aged in the mid 40's.

His face is scared and weathered. There is a steeled look in his eyes and on his face. He is betrayed by his past and one knows he must have seen an eternity of blood and suffering due to the trials of war. He carries himself with a brooding and serious disposition.

He fights with a large rune covered bastard sword which he wields in one hand. His armor is made of chain mail and he often equips a large shield.

He calls down radiant powers in the name of his deity Dol Arrah which often invokes searing light and bright fiery radiance upon his enemies and allies a like, although to much different effects!
Known to most as Tacticus, he hails from the far Eastern lands known to those of the West as The Golden Imperial Kingdom of Alessia. After the apocalyptic end to a centuries long war with the Kingdom's mortal enemy, The Kathuzod Empire, these lands now lay in ruin compared to their former glory and might.

Tacticus has begun a long quest and journey to the Western lands following his fate and destiny hopeful to save his former empire and perhaps even his own soul. Although he is often doubtful of the success of either.

At times he can be heard mentioning a deity named Dol Arrah that when pushed he claims imbues him with his powers and strength. At times under his breath he can also be heard muttering to this deity, curses or prayers it is hard to tell.

Tacticus carries a large rune covered bastard sword which he handles with much care. The sword is treated as a holy symbol of both his deity and his former empire.

The true story of Tacticus and his history is shrouded in mystery but once met you are sure there is a complex depth and suffering to his past.
"Flamen Martialis eternus!"
"In the name of The Order!"
"By the might of Dol Arrah!"
"Dol Arrah!!!!!!!"
"You shall be cleansed in the fire of Dol Arrah!"
"Praetorians advance!"
"For the 1st!"