Orin M Blackthorn

"Knowledge is the key to everything"
User: Brian
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard/Rogue/6/1 (7)
Orin stands only 3' tall. He has a fair complexion, blue eyes and short blond hair. He is 23 years old and although he has studied his lore well it is clear that he has very little experience of life beyond the walls of the Academy of Lore. He is slim, weighing only 34lbs. He is often quick to laugh and always has a story or a song on his lips.

He has gained some prestige in Shatterforge being one of the first adventurers to return to the city after adventuring in the outside world.
Born to a low ranking noble family loyal to House Darkhammer, Orin was always destined for great things. From a very young age he was groomed for entry into Academy of Lore and History to become a Bard, one of the few keepers of lore and knowledge in Shatterforge.

Separated from his family at the age of 6 he entered the under college for his academic training. A rigorous course lay ahead of him if he was to become anything more than a scribe or a book binder.

He showed great aptitude for learning the history, legends and stories of old, he was chosen among many hopefuls to enter the hallowed halls beneath the academy to pore over the ancient documents and tomes.

This young Halfling has excelled at the academy and, in the family tradition, has been a loyal follower of House Darkhammer.

Finally, at the age of 23, the young Bard has impressed his teachers sufficiently to gain the rank of Journeyman Bard.
Orin M Blackthorn
Class/lvl Bard/Rogue 4/1 (5)
Race: Halfling
Alignment - Lawful Neutral

Str: 10 +0
Dex: 19 +4
Con: 12 +1
Int: 14 +2
Wis: 9 -1
Cha: 20 +5

HP: 38
AC: 18 (20)
Flat: 13 (15)
touch: 16
Init: +8
BAB: +3
Speed: 20ft

Fort: +4
Ref: +10
Will: +5

MW Short Sword BAB: +2 Damage:1d4 Crit: X2 (19-20)
MW Short Bow BAB: +6 Damage: 1d4 Crit X3 Range: 60ft
Darts (6) BAB: +5 Damage: 1d3 Crit X2 Range: 20ft
Dagger BAB: +1/+5 Damage: 1d3 Crit X2 (19-20) Range 10ft

Lt Leather Bonus: +2 Max Dex: +6 Check: 0 S Fail: %10
Magic Shield Bonus +2

*Acrobatics: 11
*Bluff: 5
*Climb: 6
*Craft (Painting): 7
*Craft (Calligraphy): 7
*Diplomacy: 9
*Disable Device: 11
*Disguise: 5
*Escape Artist: 4
Handle Animal: NA
Heal: -1
*Intimidate: 5
*Knowledge (All untrained): 3
*Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 11
*Knowledge (History): 11
*Knowledge (Local): 7
*Knowledge (Nobility): 10
*Linguistics: 7
*Perception: 7
*Peform (Lizard): 12
*Perform (Sing): 10
Ride: 4
*Sense Motive: -1
*Slight of Hand: NA
*Spellcraft: 7
*Stealth: 14
Survival: -1
*Swim: 0
*Use Magic Device: 10

Literate: Yes

Musical Instrument (Lizard)
Rations (4 days)
Travelers Clothes

Magic Items:
Puzzle Box Piece

Money and Other Treasure:
(Party gold)

Experience: 18050

Dodge, Improved Initiative, enlarge spell,

Weapon Prof: Simple, LS, Rapier, Sap, SS, SBow & Whip
Armor Prof: Light

Special Qualities and abilities:
Fearless, Halfling Luck, Keen Senses, Sure Footed,

Bardic knowledge, Bardic Performance, Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Versatile Performance, Well Versed, Sneack attack (1d6), Trapfinding, Inspire Competence +2

Spells known:
0 - Ghost Sound, Know Direction, Light, Mage Hand, Daze, Resistance
1 - Cure LW, Summon Monsters I, Feather Fall, Confusion, lesser
2 - Silence, Tongues

Spells per day:
0 = -
1 = 3 (2)
2 = 1 (1)
Dwarven, Halfling, Common, Gnome, Elven, Giant.
  • An old enemy (Completed) Plus Spacer
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