Bard Greyhorn

"I'm with Ghost Squadron. Impossible is our stock in trade, and success is what we deliver."
User: Foxx
Campaign: Dawn of Defiance
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Scoundrel/1
Lieutenant Bard Greyhorn is a skilled gunner, a born pilot, and a great leader. Reckless at heart, Bard is gifted at improvising, a talent that comes in handy when the blasters come out. Trained in the use of demolitions and sabotage, Bard's starfighter typically carries a large cache of explosives in the cargo hold just in case.
Lieutenant Bard Greyhorn of Alderaan earned the nickname "Auto" from his exploits in the Republic starfighter group Ghost Squadron. Ghost leader once joked that Bard must have taken the fire control switch out of his prototype X-Wing and replaced it with a Hutt-sized hare trigger.

It seemed that Bard had scarcely taken his finger off the trigger at all since the day the Republic died. As part of a kill order involving the clones, Ghost Squadron had been ordered to destroy Jedi training grounds across the galaxy. Bard didn't take kindly to this idea at all, and neither did his fellow Ghosts.
Mutiny, treason, these were the words that dogged the Ghosts departure from service to the Empire, a new government that demanded loyalty and service or death.