Nios Frind

User: Kates
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/1
Nios Frind
Pronounciation: nee-ose fr-ih-nd

Gnome Male
3'7" tall (small)
Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Quiet, introspective, a listener, shrewd. Solitary by nature and deeply self-sufficient, Nios nonetheless is likely to take a following position in any group situation, preferring to watch, listen, and let the frontrunners and leaders take the blame and glory, or get eaten. Nios is interested in transparency; he dislikes others who delude themselves when it comes to their motives to action, and would much rather deal with transparently evil characters than those who would cloak their actions in some rhetoric of "goodness," law, or worse, of faith.

Physicality: Nios is well-proportioned and tall for a gnome. He has light skin with a grey cast to it, and prefers to be completely clothed in dark clothing to better melt into the shadows. He bears an unfading sigil-brand on his left shoulderblade, a mark from his past. Nios has grey eyes and longish black hair which is always unkempt. His prominent nose and taller stature for a gnome has prompted many to speculate that he may have a human or elven ancestor a few generations back - but Nios isn't the speculating type. He wears a fu-manchu, and shaving is his single grooming committment. Nios wears his hands, feet, and waist swathed in deep grey wraps, which hide his slim fingers, muffle his footsteps better than any shoe, and keep his garmets close to his body.

Physical Weapons: Sickle, Daggers, Shortbow
Unique Effects:
Blackstud Leather Breastplate
This leather armor, which offers the same protection value as studded leather armor, differs from store-bought leather in being inky black. Even the studs are crafted of some strange metal which is dusky, and barely shines at all.

Nios remembers little of his early childhood; he cannot recall his parents at all. He knows only what her was told as he grew: that his mother died in childbirth bearing him, and that his scholar-father apprenticed him to a human man far away from his birthplace. Nios lived with Ardes Relyn and his family until he was twelve. Ardes was a butcher in a sizeable and bustling town, and had a large family consisting of his wife and their seven children. Nios was not the youngest of the children living in Ardes' home, but he was one of the younger children, and remained smaller on account of his gnommish heritage. With so many other children, Nios was often ignored or overlooked as a child. Though his biological father may have wished for Nios to learn the trade of butchery, Ardes' own older children took the lion's share of their father's tutelidge, and Nios was lucky for meagre scraps of information.

Nios began exploring the streets of his town early in life to escape the crowded confines of Ardes Relyn's home and business. He ran with a group of semi-urchins, and for the first time in his life, found his small size to be a boon as the pack of miscreants pilfered, pranked, and otherwise harassed the populace of the town. Nios began building the nimbleness and stealth that he would carry with him to adulthood.

As a matter of chance on a foray in the town's marketplace, Nios met the elven pyromancer Grayson the Brand. The pyromancer was a very wealthy man, who came to town on a trade-junket once a year. The pyromancer was seeking a deft assistant, one young enough to mold into the ideal servant. Grayson abducted Nios from the marketplace, and within hours had secured the right to foster him for five years. Nios travelled with Grayson for the duration of his apprenticeship, adventuring extensively, especially in snow-bound, northern climes. Nios honed new skills as the pyromancer pushed him to con and knive amidst merchants, to scramble and grapple unthinkably difficult terrain in search of reagents and components, and to learn a wide variety of preparing for his master's spellcasting. Grayson pushed the child to learn, teaching him language after language, enforcing a punishing schedule of books to be studied. In the name of education, Grayson was building an equally-evil counterpart in Nios. Grayson was a taskmaster; though rarely cruel, the child was punished soundly for any percieved failing. However, Grayson ensured that Nios had the objects he required, and made presents of a variety of items - masterwork tools and weapons, enchanted jewelry, and Blackstud armor among them. Despite the uneasy patronage, Nios slowly grew to resent the lawful imposition of Grayson in his life, yearning for the freedom he'd felt on the streets, running with his best friend.

Five years under Grayson had aged Nios perceptibly when he returned, a free and grown man accompanied by Grayson to the town of his upbringing. Grayson had agreed to spend a full month in the town before he had arranged for the both of them to continue on. Nios reunited with his childhood companion Rouglach. The gnome quickly fell back into his old life of pilfering with his beloved friend, though on a much more sophisticated level. He was happier, felt freer than he had in years in just a few short weeks in his old town. When it came time to leave, he refused Grayson. In a fit of rage, the pyromancer lashed out, and Rouglach was the one who paid the price. Nios vanished into the night, taking with him nothing but what was on his back.

Nios fled his hometown, devastated by the loss of Rouglach, and conflicted by his judgement, clouded by years of Grayson's one-sided teachings. He traveled far afield from anything familiar, not sure enough of his hate to want revenge against Grayson, and pragmatically certain of his inability to defeat the pyromancer. As he journeys, Nios barters his unique skills for the chance to learn and to read from books, slowly filling in the holes of his knowledge of the world, his sense of betrayal, pain, and guilt growing as his understanding of good and evil do.