User: Ktulu
Race: Roman
Gender: Male
Standing six-foot-six with a thick A-frame, Scar makes for an imposing creature. He is a nearly perfect physical specimen, if not for the burns and scars that cover his body. The scars tend to give people the chills, as no mortal man could survive the burns his body has suffered--yet Scar endures.

Scar is not his real name, as you may have guessed, but a name given to him by a Gaul mercenary, Hans. Scar never speaks of his name or his family.

He usually wears no armor and carries a single spatha, mostly as a visual deterrent from attacking him, in case some would-be thug wanted to make a name for himself.
Scar was born to the Ambustus house; the noble family most known for breeding the infernus dragons. Much was expected of the young lord; for he would one day inherit his father's title and lead the armies of Rome in battle.

The life of an Ambustus warrior was taxing and without reward; Scar's life was no different. He spent more time with his mentor, Maximus, than he did with his parents.

When he came of age, Scar was tested. Like all Ambustus, Scar would have to wrestle and dominate an infernus dragon before he could claim his title as lord marshall. After days of struggle and combat, the dragon finally tired, letting Scar mount and steer it back to his family lands. I say let, because the dragon chose submission -- he was never truly dominated.

For years, Scar conquered in the name of the Empire. His most impressive victories were in the Afrikas, against the dracoliches. Upon his victorious return, however, Scar had learned of the Emperor's decision to outlaw dragon-riders, beginning with the Ambustus family. He arrived too late to help anyone -- his parents' bodies hung on burnt crosses. Scar barely shed a tear for them, rather he despaired at not finding his mentor. When no body was found, he surmised Maximus was taken into slavery.

Since then, Scar has traveled the lands as a mercenary for hire. His scarred and burnt body scares most, leaving combat the only honest work he can find.
Scar's Dragon is named Holocaust -- It is a red infernus dragon, rarest of all infernus. The beast is massive in size. As such, Scar usually permits the dragon to roam free, so long as it keeps north of the Roman border.