Ormas Rul

"Ferengi-Erwerbsregel Nr...."
User: Ormas
Race: Orgovier
Gender: Male
Class: Geldsack
Rasse: Orgovian

Int +1
Per +3
Wil +3
Cha 0
Str 0
Dex +1
Con +2
Spd 0
Cr +2
RC +3
Mr 0

Hit Points 23

Low Talislan, Sign - native
Culture (Orgovian) +7
Survival (wilderlands) +3
Haggle +10
Appraise +3
Merchant +5
Diplomacy +7
Underworld +4
Bogen +6
Klingenwaffen (kleine) +5
Evade +4

Quirk: Wealthy, Literate

Pfad: Merchant, Merchant, Archer

2500 gl in trade
goods, iron bound ledger & writing tools,
fine garments, cloak and boots; Kasmiran
made strong box and lock; permanent shop
or stall in urban center; townhouse or small

Bow, Short Damage Rating 6 Weight 5 Preis 5 g.l. Reichweite 150’

Der Quirk Wealthy bringt: The character receives 75,000 gold lumens. Only
7,500 of this wealth is in the form of coin, the remainder
consisting of investments, property, business
ventures or the like. The player should work with the
GM to determine the exact source of wealth. As the
existence of wealthy characters could destabilize a
game, this Quirk should be considered optional by

Ich hätte gerne noch Enemy:
An individual or organization is actively hostile to
the character. Enemies should be created in cooperation
with the GM and at his full discretion

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