User: Pierre
Race: Mongre Khan
Gender: Male
Class: Hunter/Scout/Scout
Appearance: 185cm , 115kg ; Mane of coarse black hair, long fringe of fur running down
back of legs and arms, bestial features, claws, squat and powerfully built, leathery brown skin.

Base Attributes:
INT -1 PER +3 WIL +0
CHA -2 STR +2 DEX +2
CON +2 SPD +1
CR +4 RC +4 MR -2
Hit Points: 24
Brawling +2
Climbing +2
Culture (Mondre Khan) +5
Evade +3
Language (Chanan - native)
Language (Sign - native)
Language (low Talislantan) +2
Scout +4
Stealth +3
Survival (forest) +2
Survival (Desert) +4
Tracking +4
Traps +2
Weapon(Spear) +2
Weapon(Bows) +4

Special Abilities: Claws inflict DR2.

Quirks: Fearless, Natural Climber, Quick Reflexes, Stealthy, Thick Skin,

Open Paths: Apprentice Craftsman, Bandit, Chieftain, Hunter, Scout, Talismancer, Tribal, Warrior.

Starting Equipment:
Hide loincloth; 12 caltrops; hide pouch; 50’ rope and grapnel, tinderbox; 20 gl in gold dust, ivory or captured items.Spear,Short Bow, Hide Shield, Fur Cloak, 50' Rope, Tinder Box, Waterskin, 5gl

Although not immune to fear like a Thrall is, the character is very stout-hearted. Add a +2 bonus to WIL when resisting the effects of fear, magical or otherwise.
Natural Climber
Characters with this Quirk receive a +2 bonus on any Climb roll. For some characters, this is due to their claws, for others, it’s due to their small size and weight while for tohers it may be experinec or training.
Quick RefLexes
The character reacts to stimuli and unexpected situations far more quickly than usual. Add 1 to SPD when calculating reactions and Initiative.
The character naturally moves noiselessly. Individuals receive a +5 bonus to their Stealth skill if perfectly still, or +3 if moving.