"Bad move, Friend"
User: Writer
Race: Dray
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue Monk (Hybrid)/1
Jerath is a grey-eyed Dray; fiery orange in colour. At 6’3” in height and weighing in at 260 pounds, Jerath is smaller and lighter than most of his kind. At only 17 years of age Jerath is quite young compared to others among Athas, but he hardly shows it. Confident, smug, and sly; Jerath is quick to take advantage of any situation which grants himself an advantage. He's slow to trust but a dependable ally once one has proven themselves worthy of his trust.

In battle, Jerath combines deadly martial feats with staggering psionic exploits. He fights with steel vigor and a sly smile, rolling with the tides of battle as the sand in the desert winds. Jerath is also daring rogue; as sly with a blade as he is with his fist. He can navigate both the battlefield and the social scene with ease; his steel glaze masking uncanny discipline and inner calm.

Travelling as an Athasian Minstrel, the origins of Jerath Dawnbringer are as mysterious as the distant history of Athas: washed away by the sands of time to be hidden for eternity; or at least until somebody sets out to find them. Jerath Dawnbringer is one of the Dray first and foremost; however, he lacks a clan to call his own. He is a desert wanderer, the home of his younger years hidden among the dunes.

Lukkas has grey eyes and fiery-orange skin (scales). He is roughly 6’3”, weighing 260 pounds. He is dressed in a simple bone-white turban/robe; tattered and soiled along the edges. He wears a simple brown belt along his waist, laden with a few pouches and a small assortment of vials. A small brown cape hangs across his left arm. He appears to be unarmed.