"Why not?"
User: Dave
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Rogue/6
Most elves seem to radiate a preternatural... well, if not beauty, at least grace. Not Chlwdd. He has the sort of face that you just want to punch. And it looks like someone has, repeatedly.

The first thing most people notice is the hair - short, red, and wild. If itʼs been raining outside it may look somewhat presentable. Otherwise itʼs just a big greasy mess.

Moving down from his scalp you get to the crazy eyes. The right eye actually seems normal save for the surprisingly intense green color. The left eye, on the other hand, is a jaundiced yellow color. And you canʼt help but stare at it - for some reason the lid seems to be peeled further back.

The rest of his face is nothing to write home about either. It might be easier to just count the gaps between his freckles than the freckles themselves. And for some reason it looks like most of his back teeth have been knocked out, which his creepy lopsided smile only seems to emphasize.

Chlwdd is also distressingly tall for an elf - well over 6ʼ - but heʼs so thing and gangly that he never seems imposing. He has surprisingly long fingers, though he appears to be missing the little finger on his left hand.
Initiative +4; Speed 30 ft.;
HD 6, hp 25;
BAB +4;
AC 19, touch 14;
Atk longsword +4 1d8 (19/x2) or or +1 longbow +9 1d8+1 (20/x3);
Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 10;
SV Fort +3, Ref +9/11 vs. traps, Will +2/4 vs. enchantments;

Skills: Bluff +3, Decipher Script +6, Disable Device +13 (+15 with masterwork tools), Escape Artist +7, Hide +13, Jump +8, Listen +8, Move Silently +13, Open Lock +13 (+15 with masterwork tools), Search +14, Sleight-of-Hand +12, Spellcraft +6, Spot +11, Survival +0 (+2 to follow tracks), Tumble +12, Use Magic Device +9

Racial Abilities: automatic chance to detect secret doors, immunity to sleep, low-light vision

Class Abilities: Evasion, Sneak Attack (+3d6), Trapfinding, Trapsense (+2), Uncanny Dodge (never flat-footed)

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot

Equipment: longsword, shortsword, +1 longbow, arrows (x60), +1 silver arrows (x4), +1 cold iron arrows (x2), +1 adamantine arrows (x1), +2 studded leather armor, backpack, slippers of spider climbing, bottle of wine (x3), chalk (x10), crowbar, flint and steel, masterwork thieves' tools, pitons (x10), potion of cure moderate wounds (x2), silk rope (100'), torches (x10), trail rations (x10), wand of fireball (5th level, 1 charge, DC 20 UMD to activate) waterskin