Hvaldar Thorgimsson

""My furs aren't that smelly...""
User: Jarek
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Barbarian/1
Hvaldar is a tall, stoutly built man with a mane of wild black hair and grizzled beard with iron rings woven in among the tangles. He wears a number of stinky, fresh un-cured animal pelts sewn together and wrapped around his body. He wears a fine (not rotting) cured bearskin cloak. He's usually not the talkative type, but he's not afraid to speak his mind in as boisterous a manner as possible. He doesn't exactly have a way with words, but what information he needs he can usually threaten out of people. Hvaldar doesn't think much of rules, but has a staunch personal code of conduct regarding comrades, and will never leave them behind. Also, almost contrary to his brutish nature, Hvaldar will not prey on the weak, and is eager to alleviate their pain (in the form of killing some evil lord or nobleman).
Hvaldar was once a liegeman of the Earl of Aldheim, and was his champion, no less. Hvaldar had secretly been cavorting with the Earl's daughter Gudride, and when the Earl found out, he confronted Hvaldar and threatened to strip him of all his honor, and declared that Gudride would be executed. In a blind rage, he struck down the Earl. Unfortunately, all of this was taking place in the Earl's full-to-bursting feasting hall. Hvaldar grabbed an axe off the wall, and began cutting a way through the Earl's huscarles to the exit. He was vastly out numbered, but in the frenzy, braziers had been knocked over and a fire was consuming the hall. Most of the men were focused on saving the hall, but a few were still devoted to avenging their lord's death, giving him chase until he chanced upon and was aided by a group of strangers.