"My quest ia a simple one, I quest for Coin and Cleavage"
User: Kevin
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter (Bard in training)/1
The polar opposite of his half brother, The Bard, which is all but a few know him as even though he is not currently a bard, is a loud social sort who loves money almost as much as he does women. When he is not in the local tavern drinking in excess trying to woo the barmaid or farmers daughter, he is usually on the run from the barmaids angry husband or the fathers of those farmers daughters. He has shown no interest in anything that does not include his love of of money or women, but given the proper motivation, he might could be pushed out into an adventure (as the end prospects of an adventure are usually coin or cleavage).
The younger of two half brothers of an elven prostitute he was given away when their mother decided that they were too much hassle to keep any longer. While his brother went to the local druids in the nearby forest, The Bard was eventually dropped off at the doorstep of the local inn, to an elderly couple with no children of their own. However it wasn't long before the elderly couple did what old people do after a certain point, they kicked the bucket. Thus the respectable inn changed hands and became a seedy tavern know as "The Drunken Rat".

The Bard ended up staying as a hand at this tavern and was worked long and hard. However he loved to listen to the stories that the adventures would tell of their exploits, but more he took note of the free rounds of ale and the attention that the ladies payed to these sort of men. Sometime during the years The Bard refused to be called by his birth name as it was a reminder to him of the "family" that had all left him, and eventually his original name was forgotten. Instead people began calling him The Bard for he was excellent at remembering all the tails that he had heard over the years and making them his own, telling them so that he might get the free ale and the attention of the ladies. Eventually all had heard of his exploits in his local tavern, so now he travels from town to town, tavern to tavern, all in the search of easy coin and easy cleavage.
*Note: This character is a secondary character for when Manwë becomes indisposed for whatever reasons (ie when he leaves the group to continue his druid training or if he comes down with a severe case of the dead)