"There can only be one"
Campaign: The Bake
Race: Shardmind
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Avenger
Dark cloaks conceal the appearance of Akuba.

A cowl over his head prevents untrained eyes from noticing that he is a six foot tall living crystal who moves with an unnatural speed and grace.

The only obvious item on his person is a giant full blade .
After the Gate shattered, Akuba regained consciousness as a slave trained to assist in the transportation of material from the Far Realms to Eberron.

His fear and hate his masters was noticed by his Shared Soulmates who quickly moved him into training under the order of the Silver Flame, a secret sect of which was working to train rebels to close the portal to the Far Realm.

After a betrayal by scholars within the Sect, Akuba realized that the Gate could only be closed by One and that he must remove all obsticals from his path.

He escaped from slavery during the massive choatic backlash within the cult against the masters & the scholars who had betrayed them which ended in the death of every slave. Traveling to the City of Passage in Aundair, he found work as a Library Courier within House Orien. Quickly rising in the courier ranks, but still hunted by The Silver Flame loyalists for his part in the Slave Revolt, Akuba turned more and more towards the path of adventure in order to seek his goal of closing the gate once and for all.