"E Pluribus Fetus"
User: Dan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/1
Lidan is a dangerously oblivious Paladin who hails from the town of Pallet (lol). His hobbies include drinking, carrying Burdock's half-dead body around, and not noticing when his friends commit felonies. While dense and occasionally very unlucky, he is a decent sort and good to have around in a fight.
A naturally husky fellow, Lidan became a paladin at a very young age and with very little ability for reasons that he is honestly a little fuzzy on at the moment.
Armor Class: 2 Max HP: 10

STR 12: Bend bars 4% wgt. allow +100 open doors 1-2
INT 9: max lang. 1
WIS 13:
DEX 7:
CON 9: system shock 65% resurrect survival 70%
CHA 17: max hench 10

Saving Throws
Parlyze/Poison/Death 14 (+2)
Petrification,Polymorph 15 (+2)
Rod,Staff,Wand 16 (+2)
Breath 17 (+2)
Spell 17 (+2)

Name S/M L speed
Longsword of Doom: 1d8 1d12 5
Longbow of Also Doom: 1d6 1d6 2 Range: S=7 M=14 L=21
Longscimitar "" 1d8 1d8 4

20 arrows