Zebuleon "Zeb" Belast

"You want a fight? Fight *me*."
User: Chris
Campaign: Dalelands Campaign
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Knight/1
Brother Zeb is not dim. He's simply... deliberate.
He'll consider the insult you just lobbed at him.
While everyone is laughing at your wit, he'll consider it at length.
He will then figure how many blows to your head will be required in order to even the score.
And then he will apply them.
Zeb used to have an anger management problem. Furniture can be expensive, especially if you keep breaking it. So he found himself at the one place that could put his anger to good use; Battle Abbey.
Now Zeb's in control.
He still gets angry - oh, yeah - but now he uses his anger. Now, the right things - and the right people - get broken, smashed, crunched and otherwise made to no longer be a problem.

He just has to make sure he keeps a steady supply of legitimate targets for his attentions!
Zeb is big.
No, wait, scratch that; he's BIG.
If there is a tiny hole that needs to be crawled through in order to escape the ravening monster?
Zeb will be facing the monster.
If he were of slighter build, his features might be considered noble (but as it is, he's simply suprisingly not-ugly).