"Name's Cross . . . Double-cross me and it'll be the last mistake you ever make"
User: Writer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Arcane Rogue/1
Jacob Cross is a slender man, only 5’9” weighing 135lbs. At first glance he wears only a fine dark suit and is armed with a massive bone crossbow. He carries with him a large tan cloak that blends into the dunes around him, usually tucked away as a bed-roll (and doubles as such). Two parrying daggers and his wand sheath into his crossbow, and can be fixed to the front like a bayonet. Additionally, his Crossbow has an attached quiver on the bottom (large enough to hold 60 bolts) and a hidden compartment behind it where a set of thieves tools can be stored. Jacob carries on his belt two more daggers and a Chatkcha, along with a few vials, pouches, and a water skin. On his right arm is fitted a bone vambrace with a fixed obsidian blade (tortoise blade), concealed under his right sleeve. He carries two books hidden on him; his old spell-book and his journal (spell-book written in Common, Journal written in Elven). On a minor note he has papers stating him as a legal trader and practitioner of Magic in Tyr, Urik and Balic (tucked into the back of his right boot).
----- The Distant Past -----
Jacob has no known family. His earliest existence is buried in the records of one of the great cities; he was adopted and subject to the harsh training required to be a Templar. His training was cut short, however; during a desert expedition in which his master died to a band of elves. Jacob was adopted by the tribe, and was raised among them as a rogue. During his time with the Elves Jacob learned a lot about the world around him. He strove to be as quick and accurate as the elves; looking to them as the only family he knew.

As Jacob grew older, he developed a close bond with a primal elf maiden known as Terra. Though still regarded as an outsider by some in the tribe Jacob and Terra were friends almost instantly, Terra training to be a shaman and a swordmaster as Jacob honed his skills with a crossbow. Where she was elegant and soft-spoken Jacob was quick and direct; and over time their bond grew very close. Eventually the truth behind Jacob’s adoption was revealed: the Elves needed a non-elven agent to do their bidding deep in cities and courts. Jacob was to be an assassin, and Terra elected to go with him.

Jacob and Terra quickly became an extraordinary pair; Terra using her blade and primal powers whilst Jacob’s skill with a crossbow became legendary. They always did everything together, one not leaving without the other. However, it was not to last. Jacob lost Terra to a Sorcerer-king; the same one he had been trained to be a templar for so long ago. Their plot revealed, the elves made away with all haste, leaving Jacob behind to fend for himself.

----- Recent History -----
Neglected and alone, Jacob made his way to Tyr, where he quickly and ruthlessly established dominance as a Crime lord, taking over a small-time gang known as the Shadow Suns. Under Jacob’s leadership and with the help of Hannibal the Dwarf the Shadow Suns flourished like never before, travelling from city to city disguised as a jack-of-all-trades caravan. His wealth and popularity grew as Jacob time and again eliminated rival gang leaders, bandits, nobles, and templars alike only to feel emptier and emptier inside. He was offered many positions within guilds and under the service of nobles, but apart from freelance jobs Jacob refused, instead leading the Shadow Suns onward, becoming wealthier and more famous with each trip.

Jacob leads the Shadow Suns from city to city, doing jobs of espionage, blackmail, forgery, smuggling, and assassination. Hannibal runs an Inn in Tyr named The Obsidian Oasis, which doubles as the Shadow Sun’s “home” if you will. As of late Jacob had become more and more withdrawn, pouring over old books and perfecting his crossbow. Some say that Terra haunts his dreams, reminding him of his failures and darkening his future more and more every night.

----- The Present Predicament -----
On their way back from Balic, Jacob and the Shadow Suns made their way towards Alkuran, preparing to rest after a long and weary journey. However, raiders sent out from Yarneth the sorcerer ambushed Jacob’s Caravan, slaughtering them with deadly efficiency. Jacob just barely made it out with his life, escaping the flames of Yarneth’s wrath at the expense of his fellow traveller’s lives. Lost and alone, Jacob made his way toward a strange, spiraling pillar of dust to the north. Only time will tell what this strange omen has in store for Jacob Cross . . .
"Have you ever lost something, stranger? Lost something so important to you, you were no longer whole without it? You spend your entire life trying to recover from that . . . Yesterday, stranger, I lost everything. Everything I had gained to try and replace that something which I have lost. And now, I am but nothing . . . what does that say to a man? What good does it if I gain the wealth of nations, but lose myself in the end? Nay, I cannot replace what has been lost . . . but I will fight for it none the less. And maybe, just maybe; in the end . . . it all will have been worth something."

To rest in peace,
To seek out new stars,
To find the light of tomorrow;