"The problem with making a heroic sacrifice is that you can only do it once."
User: Fergus
Campaign: The Broken Cage
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/4
You wake up one day and they tell you you are alive
They slap a sword in your hand and teach you how to kill
They send you out in to a hell of mud and blood and expect you to fight for them
But fight for what?
They tell you you fight for the House
So you go where they tell you, you kill who they tell you to
And eventually you just stop wondering why you have to do this
You just stop caring about why they sent you here
Why those they send you against deserve to die
And for a time you know peace, of a sort.

Then one day the war ends
They hand you a piece of paper that says you are free
Free to do what?
"Free to live" they say
“But I have never known life” you say “You never taught me how to live”
“Stay with us then, we will give you purpose” they promise
So you stay with them and you do have purpose again
But the thought never goes away
I still do not live
Born in the forges of House Cannith to fight in the Last War. Shrike choose to remain with House Cannith as a bodyguard for members of the house when on visits to other areas or events.
now wears baggy trousers