User: William
Campaign: Cabbage Fashioner
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Rogue/3

An elf with a bow.....
Equinox of the House Caerenyi was born in the River kingdom of Hymbria his family fleeing the machinations of powerful men in the Southlands.

His father an able warrior chose to take the young familly to in Brevoy to settle on the border of the Stolen Lands but the chaos of this region eventually took it's toll with his father's death in one of the endless skirmishes. Moving to the relative safety of the capital Restov the young Equinox graduated from the hard education of the streets. Even within the Elven community life was hard for a stranger from a poor family.

As Brevoy has a settled community of Elves and thanks to his mother and aged grandfather (a wizard/rogue in his earlier days) the young Equinox learned the ways of his people and was facinated from an early age to learn that his House, Caerenyi had in ancient times lived in the area known as The stolen lands. Even more so when he was told tales of ancient ruins from that time that still exist. It was this ancient affinity that had lead his father to choose this corner of the world to retreat to.
So when the chance to re-establish the link between his family and the stolen lands appeared in the form of an warrant from The Sword Lords, it was clear that fate had taken a hand!

Skilled in the arts of the elven rogues and wise in the ways of the forest Equinox has been formed in the image of harsh Lands of the river kingdoms. Now he seeks to return the favour!
Elven Rogue level 4
Feats, PB Shot & precise Shot
Traits. Reactionary and Poverty stricken

NB Swapped Elven magic racial trait for Envoy