""Never trust anyone who can't sing, doesn't play and wont dance.""
User: Babel
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Bard/3
Melody Thyld'ell Phiarlan is a bard beginning to rise to fame for her multi-talented musical, and dance abilities. A musical prodigy, her bardic powers come as naturally to her as breathing does to the living. While sometimes traveling around Breland, she calls the Ivy District of Sharn home. Most of the time she can be found working on new tunes, practicing one of the many instruments she plays, attending fine art performances, or laying low in the local taverns, trying out new material before a less critical crowd. Despite her well dressed manner and quiet, but friendly demeanor, she is often broke and on the look out to make some quick coin, even if it's not exactly high society work.

Unlike most Eladrin, Melody likes to put her dark hair up into elaborate styles, and she often dresses to complement her striking green eyes, in long sleeved tunics and dresses, complemented by elbow length gloves and thigh-high leather boots. He smooth, pale skin is decorated with an assortment of jewelry. Despite her high-class appearance, something about the way she carries her self sends off either a friendly approachable vibe, or gets the message across that she is not the easy target that some of the less insightful citizens of the Cogs might attest to.
So you heard the famous performance by the great bard Melody and you want to know more about where I come from? I don't think you'll find it all that interesting, but suit yourself.

I was born into a minor family of House Phiarlan, and no, before you ask, I do not bear the Mark of Shadow. When I was very young my family got caught up in a battle on our way home to Cyre. Left orphaned and stranded I grew up scrounging around the camps of the battle's victor. It was a retched life truth be told, but some how I managed to avoid starving to death, getting caught up in battle, or the other dreadful fates a child like that might meet.

Years later the army I was with was marching towards Cyre and I had hoped that I might be able to find a way to contact my family, when the Day of Mourning occurred. I was just a few miles out from the boarder of what is now that dead place. Fear of what was taking place there overrode the fear of what might befall me wandering the country side and I finally took flight towards Sharn and away from the war.

It was then that I met my first real friend Xanice. She took me in and taught me music and how to live like a real person and not a camp wretch. Arriving in Sharn we performed together and even had a couple little adventures down in the Cogs. ( I'd appreciate you not repeating that last part to anyone.) After a while the wanderlust that tends to befall people of our trade set in and Xanice took off to parts unknown.

I've done a little bit of travel around some of the bigger cities of Breland lately myself, but Sharn will always be considered my first real home.

Now you'll have to excuse me, it seems they are demanding another song, and who am I to deny them?
Despite all the finery that Melody surrounds herself with, there are only two things she prizes above all else.

The first is a small wind-up music box, the last gift from her father before his death. It not only gave her hope and the strength to survive, but taught her the power of music over the soul.

The second is a well cared for, but worn fiddle given to her by Xanice. It was the first instrument that she learned to play, and she still plays it daily.