"A heavy debt must paid to the Raven Queen this day!"
User: Jordan
Campaign: Duran Keep
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/10
Quick version, long version later:

The clan traveled in the far south as their numbers dwindled due to the passage of time. Father worked as a mercenary as did most of the clan. When Kravaxsaar when still very young a tragedy befell his parents and clan. They were in a battle and Karavaxsaar was hidden away, his parents never returned.

He was found by order of the Raven Queen clerics and raised by them. Basic idea: Serve the Raven Queen and your destiny shall be fulfilled. Kravaxsaar believes if he serves the Raven Queen and fulfills his part of the debt to fate that one day this will bring about the return of a new Arkhosia and a new rise of the Dragonborn. So, when of age Kravaxsaar left the order of the Raven Queen to fulfill his fate and pay his debt to the Raven Queen.
He has traveled north to The Northern Marches and has recently come to Duran Keep, hearing that they could use a strong sword, he looks to seek employment in these lands, for now. He has heard another brother Dragonborn, named Rhogar dwells here, perhaps he will have work for him.

So, Kravaxsaar, believes things happen for a reason, like the loss of his parents and being found by the Raven Queen clerics. The Raven Queen's will shall be served so that the one day return to power of the Dragonborn will come to pass, because it is their fate and destiny after all! :)