User: Kates
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Class: Summoner/Rogue
Ibiza Carneri

Gnome Female
3'5" tall (small)
Class/Summoner + Rogue multiclass
Lawful Neutral

Personality: Self-discipline is important to Rahadoums and to Ibiza. As lawful neutral, she believes good and evil are tools to maintain order. She has been molded by her tiger; her interpretation of order is tied to biological order and survival of the fittest.
She's been sheltered a bit, having seen very little racial diversity, and only seen glimpses of street and pirate violence in Azir. As any gnome, she is innately curious and actively seeks out adventure and information.

Physicality: Ibiza carries herself regally despite her small stature. She has silk deep brown hair kept off her square face by a gold circlet bearing vibrantly colored feathers from her homeland. She has cat-like golden eyes, and wears airy clothing made for a noble living in hot Azir, Rahadoum.

Ibiza is the eldest daughter of one of few gnome holdings in the large city of Azir in Rahadoum.

Ibiza had a number of younger siblings. Her talent in Arcane magic became known early in her life, and her parents cherished and nurtured her gift, hiring numerous tutors and teachers to help her master a variety of arcane fundamentals. Her parents were eager for her to gain mastery, and never held her back out of concern for her physical well-being. However, she soon began manifesting strange delusions at unpredictable moments, and her parents became concerned with her position in the line of succession.

Despite the trappings of a noble life, doting parents, and a life of spoiled luxury many dream of, Ibiza often found herself disinterested and unable to connect with other people, keeping even her family at arm's length. She approached her arcane lessons with the attitude of someone doing a menial chore, and with even less interest when it came time to put her significant academic learning to actual magic-making.

One evening, as the young gnome was practicing her spells, her spellcasting called a huge cat before her. Looking into its feline eyes, Ibiza found herself imbued with a firey passion to fight, to kill, to eat the fruits of her own hands. She found herself searingly connected to the tiger, realizing that his bloodlust, his hunger to hunt and kill were now in her as well. Her world had both narrowed and expanded explosively to the creature before her. She named him Goira.

His wanderlust filled her, his desire to be on the move; she fought off the urge to pack and leave that night. However, she waited until morning to wake her parents and announce her intention to leave. Her family, shocked to find their once-docile academian filled with a fire and determination, had little idea of what to make of the enormous tiger beside her. Still, Ibiza left no room for discussion, compromise, or even fond goodbyes as she set off down the road away from her family's holdings. Her parents wished her well, secretly glad to have the unpredictable young gnome removed from succession.

Ibiza set off in the world, and found it a tougher, harsher place than she had ever imagined. With the help of Goira and some training from underworld friends she was fortunate enough to make, she has survived and even thrived, journeying to the land of Utsalav and meeting Professor Lorrimar and her current companions.