Wyll Flowers of Oldtown

"How are you, goodman?"
User: Tyler
Race: Stony Dornish (Rhoynar, Andal, First Men mutt)
Gender: Male
Class: Healer
5'7", 150 lbs, wiry.
Brown eyes.
Close-cropped, soft, light brown hair and beard.
A plain, kind face and an easy smile.
Wyll is physically unremarkable.
He usually wears grey maester's robes with a cowl, a linen tunic underneath, and sturdy boots.
Agility: 2
Animal Handling: 3
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 3
--1B Empathy
Cunning: 4
--1B each in Memory, Logic, and Decipher
Deception: 3
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 3
--1B Brawling
Healing: 4
--1B each in Diagnosis, Treat Ailment, and Treat Injury
Language: 3
Knowledge: 4
--2B Streetwise, 2B Education
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 3
--1B with smallfolk, -1B with those of higher status (bastard)
Status: 2
--1B Reputation
Stealth: 3
Survival: 2
Thievery: 3
Warfare: 2
Will: 3

Benefits: Favored of Smallfolk, Master of Ravens, Eidetic Memory, Polyglot

Drawbacks: Bastard Born, Fear of the Dark