User: Chuk
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Quite tall and fairly slim with a very long gray beard and long gray hair. Wears a slightly singed robe most of the time and often a black leather soft hat that slumps down the back a bit. His eyes are a bright green.
Fladnag has devoted his life to exploring the mystical secrets of fire magic. He really, really likes to start fires and blow things up, but he learned from an early age that it was wrong to hurt people. Luckily, he later learned that monsters aren't people and it's okay to burn them up and take their stuff. He also enjoys the company of other adventurers -- for some reason, most people tend to kind of avoid him. He fancies himself a bit of a gourmet, too, and has several recipes that involve fire.
Fire-obsessed slightly dark mage (4)
Tireless investigator of mystical secrets (3)
Experienced dungeon delver(2)
Connoisseur of fine food and drink (1)

Hook: Fladnag is obsessed with both magic and especially fire/fire magic. He will stop at nothing to learn new fire spells or acquire fire-related magic items, and he's very motivated to learn other new magic and see/start fires and explosions, too.