"A life unexamined is a life spent having more adventures!"
User: Gabe
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Being on the tall end for an Elvish woman still makes Eva short in human company. She looks to be about 17 to human eyes, though Elves are fond of pointing out how sharp human eyes aren't. The Elven tendency towards slight builds and her time in the circus couple to give her a trim, athletic physique.

She wears her black hair in neat dredlocks, often tied away from her face, showing off an array of silver earrings. She tends towards comfortable, practical clothes in most situations, but has a change or two of fancier dress for performing and special occasions. She grins more than smiles, and her light voice belies a tremendous below and hearty laugh.
Eva was born to a family of reputed mages in the Elven capital of "Sweetwater" (it sounds better in Elvish). Both her mother and father had been adventurers so it was no surprise that Eva was restless as a youngster, but she also had her own mind about things. That mind was bent on living on her own terms, away from the strictures of Elvish history and her family's traditions. So when Eva was "16" she packed a bag and stole away in a circus train.

Eva's natural grace, dexterity, and sharp mind lead her to learning the arts of chicanery and acrobatics. She was happy in the circus, for a time, but after a while it wasn't exciting the same way. So she kissed her girlfriend, Mindi the Fire-Breather, good-bye and set off into the world again. Eva's been hunting adventure ever since. She takes particular delight in helping others and doing good. She likes to think that her parents would be proud of her good heart, at least, though she'd never admit it.
Sleight-of-Hand Artist (4), Elven Acrobat (3), Lipstick Lesbian (3), Tricksy Fighter (1)

Quest: Daredevil x5

Hook: Sucker for the Ladies