User: Senia
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Sorcerrer/6
Silas is a troubled young man. He comes from a noble family and suffers from the madness that comes with curses and inbreeding.

He has the dark hair and sullen features associated with house Rayne. He has the dark brown eyes of the Wesker family (His great great grandmother was Helen Wesker), but he recently found them slightly sunken. He wears a black tunic and a blue undershirt, along with simple black boots and pants. There is a silver ring on his right middle finger, and a copper circlet on his head. Underneath his shirt he is wearing a set of bracers inscribed with a variety of magical runes.

Silas is currently seeking to slay the blood witches and steal their power. He has so far stolen some dragons blood from them and is attempting to earn the trust of a group of adventurers while disguised as an old woman.
Silas is the King's blood of house Rayne, but was exiled from his house based on his manifestation of the curse of house Rayne.

As a boy he was always fond and protective of his younger sister Madelaine even when she was an infant. His father, Silas Rayne II and mother, Lisabeth Rayne noticed this immediately. Lisabeth and Silas II had been looking for a way to break the house curse for many years, as Silas II often suffered from strange ailments that divine magic had done little to fix.

As Silas grew older his parents grew more desperate to break the family curse. As time passed the effects only grew stronger and stronger in both young Silas and his parents. The attempts to break the curse became more experimental and certainly more cruel. However, Silas III has little to no memory of these events, having actively blocked them due to their traumatic nature for him. Madelaine, feeling sorry for her brother's suffering, would often tend to him after this.

When Silas was sixteen his magical adeptness fully appeared for the first time. Before that he had shown bursts of power, especially during some of the more dramatic "cures." After swimming in another family's lake Silas III contracted pneumonia and became incredibly feverish.

During his illness, Madelaine was forced to attend to him, because his father had grown sick as well. While bathing in an especially delirious state, Silas II confessed to Madelaine that she was the only happiness he had and that nothing would ever extinguish the light she showed him. Though Madelaine of course loved and cared for her brother, she did not care for him to the same obsessive or sexual extent that became clear that night.

As Madelaine attempted to calm him, Silas III grew jealous and paranoid. He knew the world (and maybe even his parents) would try to take his sister from him and ruin his only happiness. At that moment arcane power and the curses full extent ran through him for the first time. In his fit Silas III locked the door (through Mage Hand and Open/Close), and demanded his sister prove her feelings to him. Madelaine feigned acceptance of his affections simply to keep him from doing anything further, until their mother forced down the door. Silas spent the next few days locked in the house's attic.

As Silas grew older his father weakened with increasingly strange illnesses. Madelaine and Elisabeth both feared that Silas III would become the head of the house, now full of both madness and power. However, a solution presented itself. Elisabeth had conceived a child out of wedlock two years before Silas III was born. Her husband's frail state and need for care had driven her to carry on an affair with another man, a travelling cleric. Her first son, Xersis, was now a cleric of Apollo. Xersis's father had long left the area, and Xersis had been raised by a local temple. Her child of the sun would replace her child of shadow.

At age 18 Silas was exiled from the house, when his father died. He of course remembers things differently. Before he left he found a strange staff, that called to him. Now he waits, trying to collect power so he may return home and kill his half brother.
Silas is incredibly delusional , and projects many of his desires and beliefs on to other people, the most significant being his desire for his sister. Silas believes that Xersis is going to attempt to marry his sister to seal his connection to the house. He is also convinced that the whole scheme is a conspiracy planned by his mother. This second belief is not entirely wrong as his mother is trying to break the family curse (unbeknownst to her she has already been affected), however the extent to which Silas believes she has acted with in it and her intentions are somewhat misplaced.

Silas is also taking a custom prestige class only available to affected members of his family called Marked of House Rayne. It is currently being discussed with the DM, but generally gives him wraith and undead like abilities.

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Silas' character concept was inspired by The Fall of the House of Usher