Vespertilia Cheiroptera

"Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur "
User: Batman
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Fighter/First
Vespertilia is a very young Elvish woman (about 40 -- the equivalent of 17 in human years).

Her black hair is jaggedly cut and fairly short -- often worn to obscure her face and ears as much as possible, as though she's hiding it. The only time to see her eyes clearly is when she wears her helm -- a Roman style Centurian helmet with a nose-piece and large brush-style crest along the top. Her eyes are a piercing green and quite lovely, but they are often either wide with fear or squinted with concentration in battle.

She has an extremely athletic build. Like many of her race, she is fairly tall (about 5' 8") but very thin -- her muscles ripple when she moves her arms and legs.
The Cheiropteras of Erewhon are a group of Elves who are a male-dominated society. They do not allow women to do more than the drudgery of their society and some limited childrearing activities of baby boys. Girls stay with their mothers, but boys over 15 years old go with the men to be trained.

Vespertilia was always among the strongest and most able with weapons, but the only way she was allowed to train was to pretend to be a boy. Luckily for her aspirations, she was not particularly well endowed, so she could maintain the fiction until she was in her late puberty. When faced with the decision of admitting her sex and facing death or exiling herself, she decided she would rather fight to live and live to fight.

The prejudices of her people had led her to believe that the outside world held the same beliefs about women as her people. She was also taught that the rest of the world was completely xenophobic, particularly against Elves, and that therefore no one outside of her people were to be trusted.

For the past year, Vespertilia has wandered through predominately human lands attempting to "blend" in with human male culture. She's not particularly good at it, but she often believes that she is maintaining the fiction passably.

She is absolutely shocked at the diversity of this "Silver Blade," and that it is not only racially diverse but completely accepting of women as adventurers. If she can prove herself to be a great warrior (she already reveres Lotar the Grumbler's abilities, though she's certainly afraid of him as well), she believes she will be able to gain the party's acceptance and reveal herself as a powerful female presence.
Str: 17
Dex: 16
Con: 13
Int: 11
Wis: 8
Cha: 13

Exp bonus: 10%

Weight unencumbered: 140 Lbs.