Skender Pezzimac

User: Robert
Campaign: Serpent Skull
Race: Human ( Varisian)
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Summoner/1
Varisia is a wild land once controlled by Cheliax. Skender grew up in a traveling caravan of fortune tellers, acrobats and musicians. Skender was young (14) when his magical prowess began to manifest. It started with odd things occurring throughout the camp, people seeing things that disappeared quickly or that blended back into the night. These events increased in intensity and occurrence over the span of a few years, during which the troupe was traveling through the lands owned by the city-state of Korvosa. Skender found himself in a street fight with several young thieves. Being a terrible fighter himself, he attempted to convince them to leave him alone. His good looks and fantastic charm seemed to fail him, however (Diplomacy rolled a 1). The thieves decided to take everything he had, and then beat him up some. However, as the beatin gcommenced a large, hyena-like monster sprang from the shadows and tore into the cretins.

News spread in the streets of a roaming Varisian sicking monsters on people. This drew the attention of the esteemed Rexina Noxis. She hunted down Skender, paid his parents a sum of money, and dragged him back to the Academae. Being as he was a poor child without any funding of his own to attend the incredibly expensive academy, Dr. Noxis required the Skender aid her as a lab assistant and perform highly in his studies. Whenever he failed to perform well, she would make him undergo terrible trials and experiments trying to draw out his summoning power. This led to Skender being fairly frail but he rarely failed.

Working in the famous Rexina's lab allowed Skender a chance to explore sophisticated magic kept away from the hands of other students. He discovered an ancient tome filled with the names of demons and devils. On a whim, he tried to call out to some of these creatures..unfortunately, or fortunately, non responded directly. However, his mispronounciation somehow managed to net him a weak connection to the child of one of the devils, a creature called Tav'nie Flamehand. She was a part of an elite mercenary band that traveled the various planes offering assistance to whoever could afford their prices. The entire group was a rag-tag band of Tieflings of various bloodlines. For some reason, Tav'nie took to Skender and the two continued to communicate for several semesters. Unfortunately, the tenuous connection sapped Skender's already weak health even more. He vowed to re-establish contact one day, when he was stronger. The rest of his time at the academy was rocky with him failing several semesters due to hard classes and a poor attention span. He chose to leave the school for a time, promising to return with a stronger focus in the future.

The ship to Skull Island
Skender was on the ship mostly on a whim. Korvosa is close to Cheliax and he chose to wander down south through the land of devils and demons. It held a special allure to him due to his conversations with Tav'nie. When he heard there was a ship sailing into the unknown wonders of the jungles far to the south, his wanderlust inspired him to use the last of his money to get a spot on board.

The ship to Erendar
The young summoner grew in power substantially over his time stranded on the island. He managed to reach out to his former friend, Tav'nie and secure a pact with the band—the Grey Swords, to call for their aid in short periods of time. As a part of the pact, Skender offered a future favor to be called upon at some point and to use his power to bring forth the soldiers for some recreation time in the human cities.

Name: Tali
Physical: Short, 2' 5”, completely wrapped in a cloth, scarf and a mask. Sex unknown. A thin, red tail protrudes from the back of the bundled figure. Its hands are smooth-skinned ending in vicious claws. Its feet are wrapped in black leather straps.
Attitude: Tali is mischevious, much like its master. He/she likes to play pranks on Skender and the others in the party. If someone finds tacks in their shoes, snapping turtles in their bathtub or snakes in their backpacks—it was probably Tali. She/he often recruits Crossbones on these mischief-making missions.

Name: Crossbones
Physical: A large raven with a white, skull-like mark on its chest.
Background: Crossbones was a bird on the ship to Erendar who Skender fed and petted. Spending so much time with the magical summoner caused the creature to grow in intelligence and bond to him.
Attitude: Crossbones is insulting and bird-brained. He tries to eat things he shouldn't, and insults pretty much everyone but Skender. He often goes along with Tali to create mischief—both with and without Skender's approval.