Maeve Lachlan

"Let me talk to 'em, I'll straighten this right out."
User: Crinita
Campaign: MonkeyStomping
Race: Human - Araldite
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Bard 9/Wizard 1/Catechumen 5
Maeve Gillian Eadana Lachlan is exactly what most Salpians think of if they hear the words "Aral" and "bard" strung together in the same sentence - salaciously pretty, scandalously flirtatious, shamelessly loud, and surpassingly vain. As well put together as any woman can hope to be without magical assistance and a 'regrettable indescretion' waiting to happen with, she knows she's pretty and isn't afraid to use it to her advantage if the situation requires - which is essentially any time there's a male within a hundred paces.

Blue-eyed and fair-complected she isn't plagued with the freckles typical of most gingers. She favors greens, blues and purples in her attire (a nod to her Family colors) and is meticulous about her appearance knowing that it is part and parcel of her trade. Standing a head taller than most Salpian women with a cascade of auburn curls that brushes the top of her rump, and two of her more prominent 'assets' readily observable as she tends to wear clothing cut low in the neckline, she is larger than life.

Regardless of any criticisms Maeve may draw regarding her appearance or mannerisms even her harshest critics admit that she is truly talented.
The middle child (and only girl) of eleven, Maeve absconded from Aral just before she reached the age of majority (14 years of age for females in Aral) to avoid being trapped in any arranged marriage her clan may have devised for her. Tales from her Uncle Haimish about Salpia and his encouragement of her continued education inspired her to pester and cajole her father until he agreed to let her go - on the condition that she stay with her aunt Morna in Laescaerta and learn 'womanly skills or a useful trade' until he arranged her nuptials. Maeve tangently complied by attending (after bluffing her way into) the Royal Salp Acadamé for Music and the Arts which had been her intention all along.

After graduation she loitered around her Aunt's place of employment and antagonized the master of the house while managing to be just useful enough not to be put out in the street. She was subsequently hired by the master of the house as part of a retrieval team, subsequently becoming Captain.

She has recently taken a leave of absence from the retrieval team as her duties as liaison between the Acadamé and Inquisition have begun to demand a greater portion of her time.
For all of her apparent 'devil-may-care' attitude Maeve is a planner... and the more absurd the plan the more pleased she is when it comes together. She relishes pointing out the ridiculousness in the world and occasionally adding to it just to keep people off balance. Contrary to her cultivated façade of seductive vapidity she is scrupulously chaste and sharply quick-witted; the asset she most prizes is her intelligence though it is the one she is least likely to display openly.

She loves ancient history and can be found quietly studying - provided there is no one around to notice. Her interest in magic theory and the mechanica arcana which once occupied only her spare contemplative moments led to her completion of the arcanist coursework at the Royal Salpian College of Arcana, Alchemy, and Interdisciplinary Arts to become a bonded arcanist with all of the rights and privileges thereof. Her studies of late have revolved around her interest in the ancient history of the Altaran Empire.

She has the stereotypical fiery temper and sharp tongue attributed to Aral women (and redheads) though she does attempt to keep these in check most of the time and readily admits that when her temper has the better of her she is prone to throw logic to the winds. She is a vicious and violent drunk and specifically shuns over-indulgence in alcohol to avoid this aspect of her personality.

Her official title is Contora Majori Maeve Gillian Eadana Lachlan, Racaraide, and Master Officiate of the First Order.
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