Namen Roodle

"You. Sword-swinger. I've got a job for you."
User: Vriden
Race: Human (Salp)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Wizard crafter/10
At 5'7" Namen is an average build for a Salpian. His dark hair is kept long and pulled back with a silver clasp inset with a dark stone. He dresses in a style that is uniquely his, emulating parts of the current noble fashion much as a merchant would but adding elements of his Magestrarium calling, creating a striking figure. His raven familiar often perches atop his dark-stained staff.
Namen is a crafting wizard, dealing primarily now with providing the rich and wealthy with custom trinkets and items for their... pleasure.

Namen once travelled with Sigrun for a time before she revealed herself as the demi-goddess of the Nords, Eska - a point he strives to work into any conversation with someone he has not met before. He is a hero in Lacertarae for defeating the plague which killed most of the population, and has been instrumental in the rebuilding of the city's infrastructure. His Mage status prevents him from attaining any civil rank, but his advice is sometimes sought.
Namen is in it for the gold, and his Art is his passion. Women and wine are merely part of the benefit of having that gold, and he intends to enjoy them intensely. A party-boy on the surface, his casual indulgences may seem reckless to those around him. He understands that the most successful ventures are those that are best prepared, so he doesn't hesitate to spend his gold to make more.

His hedonistic indulgences belie the fact that he lets nothing distract him. Namen has turned what for most is a distraction into part of his genius. Sex is a tool to keep his focus on his Art, and romance is not in his reportoire. Whores and professionals grace his bed. Wines and fine foods grace his table and benefit him with pliant customers and guests.

Namen chooses not to believe in altruism - everyone does everything for personal gain in some form, whether monetary, physical, or spiritual. Viewed as a cynic by some, he is honest and rather blunt at times.