The Journal of Fearghus Turnbull

Dear Gavin--Meetings
Dear Gavin,
Recent events, and witnessin a scaldin only a true Aral matron can deliver ta her kin, have served ta remind me that I should probably be writin home more often than I have been. I know I should be addressin this ta Gran, but some of th details of me exploits would only serve ta have her come out lookin fer me so I leave it ta you, brother, ta only tell her enough ta satisfy her and keep me from havin ta deal with her ire.
I was able ta join up a various merchant train headed outta Struthancloch and inta Salp and then another train goin on down ta Lacaerate. It was lucky I was able ta get hooded up with those fellers since, Aral luck not withstandin, a lone traveler on the road these days is easy pickins fer bandits and th like. Anyway, escortin the merchants not only got me safely ta Lacaerate but also put some extra silver in me pocket ta boot. After askin around a bit as ta where a feller could wash th road dust from his throat and mebbe also find some work, I was directed to a place called th Blushing Trull.
Once me eyes had got used ta the dimness inside the Trull I spied a couple a things. Th first was th lack of habitation in th common room, probably because it was mid-afternoon which would still be a wee bit early fer th normal drinkin crowd. Because everyone was still otherwise occupied, I was able ta find a table big enough fer me and my gear—no mean feat since I had just gotten ta town and had nae had th chance ta find lodging, I was still carryin everything I owned. Now I said there wernt that many people in the tavern, but I was able ta spot a pair of Salps sittin at a table that looked ta be more than yer typical dirt scratcher. Th first looked ta be some kind of woodsman due to his garb and the big arsed bow sittin next ta him propped up against th table. At first I thought he was just a lad since he had th tiniest li’l mustache I ever seen on a full grown man. But then I remembered where I was and that everything seems ta be smaller in Salpia so I let it go at that. The other feller at the table looked ta be some kinda cleric because he was doin most of th talkin but not really sayin much if ya know what I mean. Since I was nae in th mood fer preachin, I gave em a wide berth as I made me way to th table in th rear.
I had finished me first pitcher of ale—which by th way would have been only a bit larger than a jack of ale at th Whistlin Axe back in Struthancloch but again, EVERYTHING in Salpia seems ta be smaller—and had ordered me a second when th door opened and in walked an unlikely pair. One was obviously a Salp noble based on his bearing and dress, not ta mention th fact that he was nae covered in shite and goin to a tavern in th middle of th day. His companion was an Aral woman—no mistakin HER for a lass not of age, if ya catch my meanin. She was wearin Lachlan colors, but not in th traditional way so it was a bit hard ta she truly was of that clan. Anyway, once their eyes had adjusted from bein out in th sun, th Salp headed fer the table with th other Salp fellers I mentioned earlier so I figgered this was a planned meetin while she went to th bar fer drinks fer th whole lot. As I was admirin her assets—I’m near certain she did nae mind seein as she had em prominently displayed—she gave me a wink and a nod invitin me ta join her and th three Salps over at their table. Since I get that kinda invitation from th lasses back at th Axe all th time I did nae give it much thought and moved ta join em.
By th time I got over ta their table, th Salps’d managed ta drag another table over ta make a bigger table fer us all ta sit at without sittin on top of each other. Introductions were made all round once we all got resettled. Th woodsman goes by th name Arcelli Cacciatore, th priest’s name is Raylen Lorn, and the other Salp is called Namen Roodle. Master Roodle is apparently some kinda well-known wizard who cured a curse or plague or something like that in Lacaerte a while back. I was nae terribly interested in th details since it had something ta do with drinkin th water which is just silly as far as I’m concerned. As fer th Aral, her name is Maeve and I was right in my guess as ta her bein a Lachlan. We were able ta determine later with th aid of her Auntie Mo that we’re fourth cousins a couple times removed, but I’m gettin ahead of meself. Once we had more ta drink and knew what ta call each other, th purpose of Namen and Maeve bein at th Trull was made clear. He needed different items collected so he could continue his work of makin magic trinkets fer th other rich people of Lacaerte and rather than go out and gather em hisself, he was lookin ta hire a team ta do it fer him. One of th benefits ta this job, other than workin fer a wizard with lots of gold, was that it would keep me from bein pressed inta th Salp military. You know me, Gavin. I’m always ready fer a scrap but on me own terms and not because some sergeant or noble officer is orderin me into it. He told us that we did nae have ta decide right then and there, but invited us ta his mansion fer supper and ta further discuss th details of his offer.
So we all went ta Master Roodle’s mansion, Sottovelo or some such, and was treated to a real, honest ta Cayden, Aral cooked meal. It turns out that Maeve’s Auntie Mo is th cook and let me tell you, she knows her way around a kitchen. And a long wooden spoon which is why I’m writin this letter, but again I’m jumpin ahead in th story. Anyway, let me shorten this story and just say that we all signed on ta Namen’s team and have since been out killin goblins, gnolls, and pretty much anythin else that crosses our path that needs killin. Since we’re gettin ready ta head further south toward th Dran plateau, I need ta close this letter. Tell Gran that I’m doin well and am well looked after by Maeve since us fellers would nae have dry socks if she did nae figger on us needin em. You can also tell her that I’ll try and write more offen in th future, but that I’m headin to th arse end of civilization and may not get th chance fer a while.

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