Arcelli Cacciatore

"You need me to gather what!?!"
User: Roneh
Campaign: MonkeyStomping
Race: Human - Salpian
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Ranger/10 - Ranger
With a slight build of 5'4" at 125lbs, long dark hair pulled back with a cord of leather and sun darkened skin from long periods spend in the wild, Arcelli aspires to be the best at both archery and stealth. He is usually to be seen dressed in woodland colors, with a trusty long bow and an ever growing assortment of Goblin teeth.
Raised in the woods with an older Ranger, Arcelli has trained in the use of the bow and the art of stealth. Arcelli now finds what work he can in order to avoid conscription in to the local army and constantly trains to hone his skills at fading into the background always striving to find the best vantage point in order to reach out and touch someone(preferably Goblins) when needed.

Arcelli's hatred of Goblins is fresh but runs deeply. It started only a few short months ago when late one night while his mentor Alfonso was on watch their camp was set upon by a roving band of Goblins. Out numbered Alfonso and Arcelli attempted to make an escape into the woods. Unfortunately Arcelli was the only one to make it out alive, Alfonso sacrificed himself in order to save his young charge. Running through the night filled with anger and rage at himself for not being strong enough to save his mentor and at the death of Alfonso, Arcelli swore to hunt down every Goblin he could find and kill them until the end of his days.
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