Raylen Lorn

"Every experience is a learning experience."
User: Rogan
Campaign: MonkeyStomping
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Confessor of Neguma/13
Raylen is a 5'5" Salpian with short black hair and of slight build. His young facial features make him look younger than he is. Raylen enjoys soaking up whatever is going on around him and not getting too involved until he is needed. This can make him seem meek or uninvolved when he is really absorbing all that is going on around him.
Raylen loves learning everything he can about everything he can. Knowledge is neither good nor bad; it just is. If he finds that something he has learned is not true, then finding the true nature of that knowledge is a journey unto its own. On this point Raylen does not demand truth from those around him, as he will enjoy finding the truth if need be. In his earlier days Raylen used his crossbow to keep himself out of harms way, whilst almost forgetting his spells entirely except for healing. Today however, he can't remember the last time he used his crossbow as his connection with the knowledge of Neguma has become his main resource for solving problems.
Priests of Neguma live in a monastery until they experience 'the awakening'. At this point they are blessed with a small bit of knowledge about everything. It is not so much that they know everything as much as they can learn anything. Then they go out into the world to learn all that they can and to teach those they meet. It is believed that the more knowledge the world has, the better off it is and this is their duty as priests of Neguma.
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