"Care to bet on that?"
User: Senia
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Bard/6
Melanie is an ex-military Bard, on the run for being a deserter/escaping from prison. She found herself too free-spirited and with too many aspirations for military life. So she left. Now she's looking to lay low, do some undercover good deeds, and maybe have a few beers on the way.

Melanie is tanner than most elves are, with dark hair and bright green eyes. She is wearing a chain shirt, and carries a variety of projectile weapons on her. She is attractive in the way most half-elves are, more through the way she carries her self than in anything specific about her. A drum is strapped to her side, and depending on the weather or her stealth needs she wears a dark green cloak. Additionally Melanie has been literally branded as a deserter. This happened during her prison sentence for said crime and is located on her right wrist.

Growing up surrounded by soldiers wagers on skill and strength were a big part of her childhood. Unfortunately Melanie now has a fondness for gambling that occasionally gets her into trouble.
Melanie comes a military family. Her mother and father met in the service and raised their child on the battlefield. They are not thrilled about the recent turn of events. Her mother is an elven fighter, named Elowyn Decreux, and her father, Feris Hawa, is a human Ranger.

Melanie learned percussion from an older elven bard, Gale Rostrum. He also taught her the importance of following her gut over taking orders. Gale later died in battle, his death making her desire to leave even stronger.