Luce Dell'ombra

""Some men need killing""
User: Jason
Campaign: Deepening Dark
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Monk/Assassin/8/2
Broad of shoulders
short hair
Brown eyes and hair
clean shaving smooth face
Calm with an air of piece about him.
Quiet yet each move can feel deliberate.

City Gear
See picture and material is a silk
Padded slippers with bonus to moving silently.

Traveling Gear
Standard monk garb as per dnd book
Sandals and socks
Sloped (chinese peasant) hat
A staff used for walking (but of little function)
backpack for traveling
Grew up in monastery. Love of martial arts and cooking/learning to recipes and ability to manage a kitchen and accurately predict food requirements.

Left monastery to travel and cooked along the way while traveling with various caravans.

I collect delicious dried herbs/spices along my way and have a nice knife/herb selection for a masterwork cooking kit although I try to use regional cooking when teaching simple delicious dishes.