Aiden Grae

"Just get right. Don't matter how."
User: Stride
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Monk,Cleric,Fighter/6,6,2

"Hero, by The Verve Pipe"

we really didn't need another suicide
or a song explaining why
why it's not dignified
but i can't seem to kiss it goodbye
it burned like a cancer when the answer did occur to me
creep from the cradle but a hero's what i wanna be
keep it moving people cuz there's nothin more for you to see
i'm just a jerk and a hero driven wanna be

i was three years in the marines. non CO career man. just floating along. really damn close to being booted. i think sump'n in me wanted it that way too.
yeah, misery. get to the story.
from what i put together, some young adept of Norgorber was stalking the sprawl offering candy to the street kids if they'd get in his coach... help look for his puppy n shit.
typical night.
he was murdered.
what a loss to our fair Korvosa.
yeah, i cried too.
i don't see a problem here.
problem was, hell, still is... 3 witnesses, kids, statements taken on the scene, described me to perfection.
...that's where it would be nice of ya to look shocked.
it wasn't you?
shuddup. no!
then you're slipping son.
i don't remember what i did that night. not in any detail anyway. just one in a long string of nights alone, drinking til i could sleep. sleeping til the MP kick me awake.
i've tried that myself. you kicked back. i decided it was easier to hire you on than kick you out.
well, sorry, s'true. it was before Sarenrae revealed herself to me.
we all owe her a debt.
so anyways... it went before a judge. kids couldn't be found again. their statements didn't hold. case dropped. but, i'm suspended from flight school though while my fitness is re-evaluated.
now i'm sorry.
no, they was right to play keep-away. the way i was at the time i might well'a ran off.
200 chickens. Okfur asks how much a Hippogriff egg cost. go on.
a few days later i received a message to be at The Honey-dipped Dame. and a separate note that simply said "i can solve your mystery".
honey-dipper? gads boy.
no, first time. not my thing.
that's how i know of Gaedren Lamm. he bought me a drink and very long-windedly told me he'd dish who wanted me to take credit for the murder - IF i did him a favor.
you didn't.
i considered it! ya gotta understand that i'd never knew anything about the bastard. and, at the time, everyone thought i was Thee monk paladin of Iomedae! struggling at it, yes. but even so, i figured if he knew anything about me at all he'd know to keep it straight.
The Paladin's Folly. so...?
what did he want? good question. s'all i remember.
how's this now?
i woke up to the Guards tossing my naked bloody ass in a wagon. i looked out to see Grey District shrinking in the distance. passed out again. woke in the drunk tank with all the other Shivers. 4 days gone.
wow. okay, you meant that shit. maybe it's best you don't remember.
oh, and, these here... these gnaw marks on my neck refuse to heal.
toothless vampire?
s'been over 6 years. they don't fade.
i figured you'd tried magic already so i left it alone.
the constable from the murder case told me if i talked he'd let me go with a small fine. i was confused as hell so i was in the mood to talk it all though regardless. so we swap stories. he told me some cross-referencing led him to believe those kids to be 3 of Gaedren's 'Little Lamms'.
i've heard that much. he "adopts" street urchins.
today this finds its way to me...

remember that 'small fine' the constable settled for? it was just the right size for my family to dis-own me.
we choose our family son.
yeah i don't consider that a big lose. just an allowance for court outfits for parties they'd just as soon hope i fogot. but that re-evaluation by the Sable Company? that's a void i need to fill, and Sarenrae said that rum won't do it. it's gonna bother me that i didn't earn my wings even if i convince myself i never wanted them. She's all about redemption.
even if it's another trap?
i'm going.