Babik Nurn

"Everything is worth something, you just have to find it."
User: Rogan
Campaign: MonkeyStomping
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Rogue/Trapsmith/5/5
Babik is a typical gnome who is either dressed to the nines in silks and expensive clothes or is so adorned with his gadgets that you can't tell what is machine and what is gnome.
From the time he could walk Babik was the type to explore. He doesn't like the actual travel so much but once he is at the destination he will explore every nook and cranny. He has learned just enough magic to be able to use just about any item he puts his hands on and he puts his hands on just about everything that he can. He has traveled with all types of people and will do almost anything for a price. He will help all but the most evil of people because once you have crossed that line, evil follows you the rest of your life. He enjoys taking things from tombs and bedrooms but has little interest in taking something directly off of someone. If he can swindle them out of it that is a different story.
Babik loves all types of toys from magical to mundane. He loves the small magical items that are just fun to have especially if they are not practical. Old ruins, tombs, anything that might have something valuable in it; he loves it all. He loves being able to break into a place and to evaluate what is valuable and what is junk. Little value can be had from a magic item that can't be used so he also loves to tinker and figure out how to use any magic item he finds. He loves money in that it can be used to obtain things. He would rather spend coin than carry it. He is not the hidy sneaky type at all. If he is at home, he is in the lab courtesy of his good friend Namen Roodle who is a crafter wizard. The two of them complement each others skills perfectly and no one around can match their combine skill.