"Things can't be what I make them. But you won't know that."
User: Heruohtar
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class: Wizard (illusionist)
Relatively young gnome compared to humans conceptions however she has spent much of that time studying her ancient art and perfecting it by using it throughout her daily life.
Purple hair done up in a long pony tail topped of with a set of keys for various doors at the keep she spent most of her time. Gleaming violet eyes full of life and wonder. A simple yet elegant outer robe is knotted off by a thick leather belt covered in potions and odd looking contraptions. carrying a Ceremonial staff around in one hand and the other wields a smokey glowing orb that is difficult to look at without losing track of time.
I wrote a short story to help describe her. It is below.