User: Amanda
Campaign: Fallen Lands
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Druid/10
Xylia stands 5'7", with legs that seemingly stretch as high as a Sequoia tree and chestnut hair that flows just as long to frame her waistline. Deep purple Snap Dragons intertwine the twiggy wreath embedded in her hair, while vines of braided ivy wrap around her body, to form a thigh length kirtle that minimally covers her almost flawless olive skin. As not to catch cold in the forlorn winter months,she drapes the fur of a once beloved fox companion over her shoulders, and protects her feet with doe skin slippers. Most find it difficult to catch the gaze of her pale green eyes, but those that do notice that they sparkle brilliantly when it snows, but only Xylia knows why. Her smile thaws even the coldest soul while her smirk sends chills through the warmest of hearts.

At the hem of her ivy, a sickle shaped sword is tied tightly to her thigh with a leather strap as to warn away her foes. She knows it isn't much, but it has proven enough thus far.

She is often seen gently strumming her lyre, enchanting her surroundings with the lull of her tune. Only during such an interlude will one see her brush back Rushkin's fiery tail to disclose the memory seldom shared, but the reason Xylia ventures with the Silver Blade. The jagged scar from a woodcutter's dagger resides above her heart, reminding Xylia that the danger is real, but she is resilient and must protect the woodland she hails from.

Xylia speaks Common, Sylvan, and Infernal.