Doctor Julius Nebo

"Roll up, good people, and be amazed!"
User: Loren
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Summoner (Master Summoner)/8
Tall and slender (6'4", 170 lbs.), "Doctor" Julius Nebo's elven heritage is noticeable only in his ever-so-slightly effete manner, a trait often masked by his magnetically sinister demeanor and euphonic voice. A showman to the core, he dresses as well as he can afford, and is ever ready to impress.

People are drawn to Nebo, and he rarely misses a chance to exploit those who move into his orbit. Essentially amoral, he has no real scruples concerning his living or how it comes to him. He professes a certain sense of "professional ethics", but in practice whatever rules he may create for himself are situational enough to be easily ignored.
Julius was born in a manner not uncommon in Korvosa--a dalliance between a curious (and adventurous) young noblewoman, Tereza Arkona, and Korvosa's elven ambassador, Perishial Kalissreavil. Julius himself was raised into childhood by his mother, but "apprenticed" to a merchant caravaner well before his existence could generate anything approaching scandal.

The entirety of his education has been gained on the caravan routes and sea lanes in and out of Korvosa, serving in time a variety of masters from whom he learned a variety of things, and his knowledge is eclectic to say the least. His head for business was shaky, but his way with people could not be denied. The primary lesson he took from his upbringing: keeping the people around you interested (or entertained) often means that the people around you keep you fed.

When he came of age (human age, anyway), he struck out on his own. He has spent almost two decades seeking and acquiring knowledge and power. His skill with a scalpel or a poultice has served him well, but his most spectacular find came in a drug-induced haze in far-off Katapesh. It was here he made contact with Djyo-Ti.

Djyo-Ti was a fragment of some bizarre outsider, bereft of most of her free will, only marginally intelligent, and in a state where contact could only be made in the "consciousness expanding" state Julius found himself in. Over several months, however, Julius used pieces of arcane knowledge he'd picked up to establish firmer contact, and gained the ability to summon Djyo-Ti to his loyal service with only a minute's concentration. He has expanded this summoning power significantly since.

With this new discovery in tow, he returned to Korvosa. He made a misbegotten and ultimately futile attempt to be recognized by his natural father, and has come to find elves on the whole distastefully arrogant.

Quiet overtures among the lower-ranked members of House Arkona, however, proved more fruitful. While the house cannot recognize him publicly as a blood relation, he is still considered family by a few of the looser elements within the house. His blood ties to house Arkona mean that he is sometimes given preference in street-level contracting and middleman deal-brokering--a backhanded way of throwing him occasional financial support.

The odd position he straddles between the elves of Korvosa's South Shore and House Arkona sometimes make him wish he had a closer support group--perhaps even a family. He has, over the years, made contact with a number of other half-elven Korvosans, many of whom are half-siblings or cousins (the elven enclave in Korvosa is small enough, and their bastard offspring numerous enough, that such a strung-out family tree is to be expected). Julius cultivates contacts among what he has come to call "the clan", and calls a number of these relations friends, but has never developed any closeness he would call kinship.

In this vein, he recently made a sad but intriguing discovery. Another of Ambassador Kalissreavil's offspring, a boy named Tadeuz, had been kidnapped from the home of his human mother, Kili Leroung. Julius seized on this news, and has come to believe that he must find this "brother" of his.

He has called Korvosa his home for 12 years now, and for the past 5 has kept an ear to the ground for news of his half-blood kin. In that time, he has acquired a widely disparate set of vocations: doctor, flesh-peddlar, entertainer, exhibitor of exotics, purveyor of the not-precisely-legal, social parasite, and man about town.
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Djyo-Ti is an enchanting being, all smooth motion and alabaster grace. She moves with a sinuousness that can captivate most any casual onlooker, and her presence generally draws a crowd.


Doctor Nebo
Neutral Half-Elf Summoner 8 (Master Summoner)
(6'4”, 170 lbs., 38 years old)

Str 10
Dex 11
Con 12
Int 14 (16)
Wis 12 (14)
Cha 20 (22)

HP 51
AC 15
Move 30'

BAB Melee +6/+1

Fort +3
Ref +2
Will +8


Bluff +9
Diplomacy* +13
Handle Animal* +10
Heal +11
Arcana +8
Dungeoneering +8
Engineering +7
History +7
Local +8
Nobility +8
Planes +7
Religion +8
Linguistics*: Common, Elven, Infernal, Terran, Ignan
Perception +4
Profession (Fixer)* +6
(Profession: Merchant) (+13)
Sense Motive* +7
Spellcraft* +7
Use Magic Device* +17

Love Lost
Prehensile Whip

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Whip
Low-Light Vision
Skill Focus (Heal)
Elf Blood
Elven Immunities
Keen Senses
Arcane Training
Life Link
Summon Monster IV
Maker's Call
Feat: Augment Summoning
Feat: Superior Summoning
Feat: Weapon Focus (Whip)
Feat: Whip Mastery

Spells (Known / Daily+ChaBonus)
6 / at will
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Read Magic
5 / 4+2
Feather Fall
Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser
Unseen Servant
4 / 4+2
Detect Thoughts
3 / 2+1
Dimension Door
Dispel Magic
Spiked Pit